13 Surprising Qualities of an Amazing Leader

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I think there are 13 qualities of amazing leaders. You may be able to think of even more.  When you think about the leaders you’ve had in your personal and professional life, what attributes come to mind? What strengths did the good leaders have? What worked for them and improved their leadership style?

There are, of course, different schools of thought on what makes a good leader. And if you ask some folks, they will say things like “a leader needs to be strong,” “they need to be in command,” they need to be tough,” and other things along those lines.

But if you put those very same people in a situation where that was the type of leader they had, they’d be miserable. That’s not to say that leaders shouldn’t be strong or commanding. However, there are other more important, and perhaps surprising, qualities of an amazing leader.

13 Qualities of Amazing Leaders


Amazing Leaders Are Emotionally Stable

Good leaders stay cool under pressure. In fact, when they face a looming deadline, they’re relaxed and able to keep everyone calm, cool, and collected.


Amazing Leaders Are Ambitious

Everyone needs something to strive for and good leaders know this. They set ambitious goals, but goals that they know their team can achieve. This helps others engage and perform.


Amazing Leaders Are Good Communicators

Skilled leaders know when to talk and when to listen, and they listen more often than they speak. They focus on leveraging their team’s skills and listening to everyone’s ideas. They make each person feel heard.List Element


Amazing Leaders Are Empathetic

You might be surprised to learn that good leaders are empathetic. They’re tuned into their team’s needs and feelings. This helps them be more responsive and to get the best from their team at any given time.


Amazing Leaders Are Humble

Good leaders know that they have much to learn. They don’t brag; they listen and learn. They take pride in the accomplishments of their team as a whole, because everyone benefits.


Amazing Leaders Are Efficient

Good leaders respect people’s time, and strive to be as succinct as possible with communications and meetings.


Amazing Leaders Are Respectful

They listen to other people’s ideas, thoughts, and opinions and take them seriously. Each person on their team knows that they are valued.


Amazing Leaders Delegate

Top leaders don’t do everything themselves. They know they have great people around them, and they delegate to leverage their skills, experience, and knowledge.


Amazing Leaders Are Solution-Oriented

Some managers are focused on problems. This is destructive and counterproductive. Good leaders manage problems with a focus on what can be done and possible solutions.


Amazing Leaders Are Responsive & Proactive

It’s frustrating to be in a reactive environment. Good leaders anticipate problems and are responsive and proactive with solutions.


Amazing Leaders Are Engaged

Good leaders are engaged with their team and encourage others to contribute ideas, and they consider them as seriously as their own.


Amazing Leaders are Flexible

A smart leader is flexible and recognizes opportunities as they come their way. They are not “hard-nosed” or unyielding. They are willing to revise a plan when shown that another approach, direction, or result is better.


Amazing Leaders are Collaborative

They leverage the power of their team and know that a good leader’s job is to get the best from everyone.

Amazing leaders are anabolic. Their energy is creative and productive. They work to create an environment where everyone is passionate, engaged, and feels like a respected member of the team because that’s where true success and accomplishments happen.

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