Learn 3 Powerful Stories of Female Millionaires

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Often when people think of millionaire business owners, they think of men who have achieved this status. My friend, Heather C. Stephens, blogged the other day about the apparent disparity between men and women achieving success in network marketing businesses compared to the sheer numbers of women involved in the industry.  I started thinking about whether women are stepping it up and starting to match the men in the entrepreneurial ranks with business success.  And what I discovered is that women are making millions all over the place.  Some might go so far as to say that female entrepreneurs are changing the world by solving problems, making being a mom easier, and helping others. Here are three real-life examples of female millionaires.

Female Millionaire #1: Teri Gault found that her passion for saving money on groceries could help others. Her hobby turned into the million-dollar business known as The Grocery Game.  The Grocery Game is a membership-based website where members receive lists of coupons, stores and promotions.

Members have access to the largest coupon database in the world. Gault offers a four-week free trial; after that membership costs $20 a month but promises to save you hundreds monthly on your grocery bill. Gault has also written a book, sells advertising space on her website, runs a blog and has been featured in a number of articles. This empire was built on the single idea that a family can and should be able to save money on groceries.  Go Teri!

Female Millionaire #2: Dr. Kathleen Hall is founder of The Stress Institute, Alter Your Life, and The Mindful Living Network.  Dr. Hall took her education, experience and desire to help people and created an empire. Her advice has been featured in major media around the globe; she is a contributing writer for several websites and magazines and has authored a number of books. Go Dr. Hall!

Female Millionaire #3:  Elon Bomani, aka “The Dynamic Diva”, is a self-made millionaire. She took $36, all that remained in her checking account, and in 18 months created The Dynamic Diva.com & Papyrus Publishing, an innovative publishing company dedicated to publishing books, CDs, and DVDs, and creating e-commerce websites and services that will educate, empower and inspire individuals to fulfill their greatest dreams beyond their imagination.

Bomani took her goal and desire to inspire women to become healthier, wealthier, and wiser, and created a multi-million dollar business. She has been featured in  major media outlets and even has a cameo appearance in “The Louise Hay Movie,” where she shares her rags to riches story.

These three women are perfect examples of the power and influence that female entrepreneurs can have on our world. Whether they want to help people save money, inspire mothers, or help people manage stress, they have all found solutions to wide-spread problems and made financial empires.

I was so excited to see these female entrepreneurs who are achieving big success. What’s your passion? What problem can your experience, skills and knowledge solve?

Spend some time today thinking about how you can offer value to the world and build your own million-dollar business.

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  1. Allegra, thanks for sharing these stories!

    My grandmother was a famous coupon collector and she did much the same thing but just for her friends and family.

    She would be so thrilled about a company that helps families save money by using coupons.

    I know that over the years I tasted a number of products that I never would have purchased if it had not been for my grandmother giving me a coupon!

    1. Allegra Sinclair says:

      Hi Carla,
      You are welcome! I love stories where something unexpected and seemingly mundane (like collecting coupons) becomes a HUGE thing that changes people’s lives. I remember when I was growing up clipping coupons from the Sunday paper was a highlight of our afternoon. I hope you have a POWERFUL week and thanks for stopping by. Allegra

  2. Julie Elliott says:

    Thank you for sharing this great post and letting us know and the great women that are changing the world and make our lives easier and are making it with great success.

    Love always
    Julie Elliott

    1. Allegra Sinclair says:

      Hi Julie,
      You’re welcome! This year I’m really working on focusing on all the possibilities instead of the obstacles and stories like this help! I hope you’re having a POWERFUL week! Allegra

  3. Belinda Cunningham says:

    Hi Allegra,
    What a great site to be dedicated to women who want to become more powerful. I am with you. I had not heard of the three women you have featured here but now want to know more of their story. Thanks for sharing. Belinda

    1. Allegra Sinclair says:

      Hi Belinda,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Now I’m working on a post about women who have succeeded in traditional male fields. Warrior women! Have a great week, Allegra

  4. Rowena Bolo says:

    Hi Allegra,

    Thanks for sharing this list, it’s my first time hearing these names. I am sure there’s a powerful and inspiring story behind each of their successes. I also listened to Heather’s audio series, and it all the more confirms that we are in the right profession 🙂 Great to know you from Prove-it challenge, and looking forward to your future posts.


    1. Hi Rowena,
      You are very welcome! I’m glad to get to know you as well. And I LOVE your tribe page. It’s go-give and shows great leadership.
      Have a POWERFUL week! Allegra

  5. Jym Tarrant says:

    Hi Allegra,

    Inspiring example! I think it’s a great and important thing that we have more female entrepreneurs and millionaires than ever before. It’s indicative of a re-balancing of power, which for far too long has been exclusively in the domain of the male (and look where that’s gotten us!). I don’t believe either one should be the exclusive, dominating energy of power on this planet.

    Thanks for sharing these powerful stories of female success!

    All the best,

    I don’t believe either one should be the exclusive dominating energy

    1. Hi Jym,
      I love your idea about balancing success! So often, when we look at something along gender lines people get defensive as if one has to ‘beat’ the other. More successful entrepreneurs and millionaires of both genders serve our planet well. Thanks for your comment.
      Take care, Allegra

  6. Hi Allegra, I so love this post! I was truly inspired 🙂

    Thank you for going out and getting these stories to bring to us.

    1. Good morning!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am working on more stories so check back for more inspiration later.
      Have a POWERFUL week! Allegra

  7. Oliver Tausend says:

    Hi Allegra,

    the more rich women there are in the world, the better for the women and the world.

    Thanks for sharing these stories, very inspiring.

    Take care

    1. Hi Oliver,
      I agree! I also think there is inspiration all around us, we simply have to look for it. Have a POWERFUL week!

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