About Allegra Sinclair

As long as I can remember I have been a champion for women, helping them discover the hidden truths about themselves.  Even when I held positions that didn’t didn’t focus on personal development, I always found a way to add that into my work life. My heart breaks when I meet women who I think are fabulous and they have no idea. I just want to grab them and shout, ‘Don’t you have a mirror? Why hasn’t anybody told you who you really are?!” I don’t do that because I don’t think I would look good in prison orange, but I do try to be that ‘mirror’ for the women I meet because they have a right to know.

What do I know about building confidence?

A lot! I have been in many situations where people have tried to squash my dreams. I’ve also been in situations where people refused to see the value I was bringing. I’m not sure whether their own insecurities blinded them or whether they simply chose not to acknowledge my contributions. It really doesn’t matter, the pain was the same. But out of that discomfort and pain I developed a great system for figuring out when to stop fighting the wrong battles and look for the right stage for my story.

I hate to see women LIVING SMALL when I know there’s a GIANT within them. I help women become more powerful and confident by helping them clarify their purpose and get super focused on telling their story. The work we do together helps you figure out how you want to show up in the world so that we can hear what you are uniquely qualified to share. We are waiting for you!  Can you tell I am passionate about increasing self confidence in women? Passionate about helping them become more powerful daughters, sisters, mothers, friends, wives and business leaders. If there are any barriers to you being as powerful as you were born to be, let’s find them and remove them.

Life is too short to try to convince people to be aware of who you are and the value that you bring. ~ Les Brown

How will more confidence change your life?

Let’s not waste time trying to convince those who are not worth it. Let’s focus on identifying and removing any barriers to you being as powerful as you are meant to be in your business and personal life. Because your real audience is out there and they are looking for you. Together we can:

  • Increase your confidence.
  • Get more clarity about what matters to you.
  • Breathe life into your story.
  • Share the REAL YOU with the world.

As a professional communicator, trainer and coach, I have offered private and public training on these topics as well as online marketing, social media and business communication. And I can help you blow through the  walls that are keeping you from being powerful. What are you afraid of? Let’s punch fear in the throat (so that lying fearful voice will be quiet) and reveal your true ‘awesome’.  Don’t sweat the details.

Think your communications style needs polishing? OK, we can handle that.

Not sure anybody wants or needs to hear YOUR story? You’re wrong, they are waiting.

Not sure how to figure out whether you’re restless because it’s time to move up in your company or it’s time to move out? That’s ok, I know how, and I want to help you.

I can help you with:

  • Life Coaching
  • Confidence Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Transition Coaching

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