I accept myself and I am worthy of a wonderful life

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I choose to accept all things in my life, most importantly, myself. When I practice acceptance, I am in a better position to enjoy life’s unexpected gifts. Acceptance isn’t always easy, but I am an accepting person and continue to encourage this quality in myself.

I accept my flaws, idiosyncrasies, and unique characteristics. I may not love everything about myself, but I love myself. Everything about me makes me unique and special.

I know how to turn my ‘weaknesses into strengths’. Each day, I practice building a skill. This way, I get better and better as time goes on.

I am already a strong and powerful person with many desirable qualities. I accept the responsibility that comes along with being such a powerful person. I accept myself.

I am so confident in who I am, that it’s easy for me to want the best for everyone else. I am not competing with anyone.

I am worthy of enjoying a wonderful life. I deserve to have a wonderful life. I am kind and respectful to everyone I meet and expect others to treat me the same way. Luckily, I usually get what I expect!

I look forward to discovering my future as it unfolds.

Today, I accept myself. Each day I choose to accept everything about myself. I embrace both my strengths and weaknesses. I also accept others just the way they are. I am worthy of having a fantastic life.

Questions for Self-Reflection:

  1. What do I struggle to accept about myself? Why do I struggle?
  2. How would I feel if I were more accepting of myself?
  3. What 3 areas in my life would I most like to change?

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