I Move On To My Best Future

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I am committed to making progress so I move on to my best future.

I move forward not backward.

I let go of the past without judgment or guilt.

I choose to learn from my experiences instead of dwelling on any disappointments.

I avoid repeating lessons because I find the lessons in every setback and apply them to what’s coming next.

I practice forgiveness and move on to my my best future.

I feel unburdened when I say goodbye to anger and the need for retaliation.

I wish others well even when I disagree with their actions.

I offer second chances to others, and comfort to myself.

I treat myself with compassion and give myself time to grieve for my losses.

I acknowledge my feelings and validate my struggles while encouraging myself to keep going.

I free up my mental resources by living in the moment. I stay in the present.

I hold onto my memories without letting them weigh me down or hold me back.

I appreciate my roots without idealizing my past and move on to my best future.

I accept uncertainty. I greet new opportunities with excitement and curiosity.

I am willing to take risks and test my limits.

I grow by replacing old habits and patterns that no longer serve my needs.

I try new strategies that bring me closer to realizing my goals.

I stay positive. I believe in myself and my ability to move on.

I know that I can handle a few bumps in the road. When I stumble, I pull myself back up.

I persist until my efforts pay off.

I enjoy the peace and freedom that comes with acceptance and healing.

I am ready to forge ahead.

Today, I celebrate the fact that life moves on. I regroup, and move forward with a happy heart.

Questions for Self-Reflection:

  1. What is the difference between moving on and forgetting?
  2. What title would I like to give to the next chapter in my life?
  3. How do I move on after a relationship ends?

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