I Refuse to Stop Asking for What I Want Until I Get It

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I refuse to stop asking for what I want until I get it.

There are two factors that are necessary for me to achieve success and get what I want in life. The first  is knowing what things are critical for my success. The second side is ensuring that I have those things.

If I initially get denied when I ask for the things I want, that doesn’t stop me, it inspires me to keep going. Life is filled with unique challenges and that is what makes it awesome.

Rejection is a part of life. It is okay when someone else isn’t as invested in my goals as I am or doesn’t believe in them the way I do. Each rejection gives me a chance to refine my approach.

When I am going after a new position to gain a new skill, I apply to more than one job opening. If I don’t get the job, I am brave enough to ask for the reasons. I insist on honest, actionable feedback.

This allows me to strengthen my case and make effective adjustments before making future applications. The feedback gives me the opportunity to develop a profile that is exactly what the hiring manager is looking for.

The same is true if I am seeking a promotion at work. Although I may occasionally lose out to a more qualified co-worker, that doesn’t diminish my motivation. I use the denial as fuel to encourage myself to improve my skills and then try again.

I choose how to handle unfavorable responses. I can either allow them to break me or motivate me.

That simple choice is the difference between a life of discouragement and one filled with success after success.

I am exceptional, so I act that way. That is the only way to attain an exceptional life.

Today, fear is my enemy, so I deny it access to my heart and mind. If I am going to get what I want, I must replace fear with confidence and courage because that is how I achieve the things that I want.

Questions to Make You Think:

  1. What decisions are the most difficult for me to make?
  2. How do I handle intimidation tactics from others?
  3. What are my most immediate goals?

If you are struggling with figuring out what things are critical for your success, schedule a Discovery Session to see how I might be able to help you.

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