Fight Cancer Like a Girl, Punch Cancer in the Throat

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Women have to fight cancer like a girl. Breast Cancer Awareness month becomes all too real when the person in the battle is an acquaintance or a friend, but especially when it’s a family member. Breast Cancer Warrior and Survivor, Kelly Spikes talks about her battle with breast cancer and how she learned to punch cancer and all fears in the throat.

Girls Know How to Fight

For some of life’s biggest battles, we have to fight like a girl. Kelly is many things besides being a breast cancer survivor. She’s a daughter, a mother, a friend, a student, etc. A divorced mother of 2 girls, her first response to her diagnosis was terror and worry about leaving her daughters without a mother. A huge proponent of breast self exams, Kelly noticed changes in her breasts and went to her doctor for follow-up. She credits that early detection with saving her life and the lives of many other women. Throughout her 3-year journey she used information and action to punch cancer in the throat and she continues to apply her new system to facing down every fear in her life.

Update: Kelly & Michaella reached their fundraising goals for the November 8, 2013, Susan G. Komen walk . If you contributed, THANK YOU!

Do you know a breast cancer survivor who is doing something this month? Let me know in the comments below, so we can get some awareness for them as well.

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