Mick Jagger Was Wrong, You Can Get Satisfaction

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If you’re at a point where you keep asking yourself, “How did I get here?,” it may be time for you to figure out ways to change the direction of your life.

Admitting you are dissatisfied with your life may not be easy, but it’s a necessary first step that will lead you toward finding a life and career that you love. Aren’t you glad Mick Jagger was wrong?

If you want to get satisfaction, consider these steps:

Get specific about what is disappointing you. Jot down the details of what bugs you. For example, if you’re disturbed about your home’s condition (unorganized or messy), write it down. If you feel depressed because you never got the training or education you wanted, put that on the list, too. The purpose of this step is to identify the things that you find hard to accept about your life. This list provides you with a blueprint of what to work on to achieve the life you really want.

Come up with concrete solutions for each of the items on your list. If the mess annoys you in your home, write down what you can do in the short- term to feel better about it. Do the same with each item on your list. These solutions will guide you in your quest to live a more optimistic, satisfying life.

Start working on some of your solutions TODAY. Once you make a good start, you’ll be motivated to continue. Keeping with the same examples, get some boxes and garbage bags and work on getting your living room in shape. You don’t have to tackle your entire home at one time, start with one room. Make some calls to the local schools to see what courses they offer in the field you’re interested in. Better yet, visit their websites and you can see for yourself the course offerings, length of training, and costs.

Refuse to let anything or anyone stop you from changing your life. Commit to yourself and your future. Acknowledge that you’re worth the effort to achieve your goals.

Create visual reminders that you can do it. You have what it takes to move your life in the direction you want to go. Each day, be positive and encourage yourself. Tell yourself you can do it with a visual reminder. It could be as simple as a post-it note on your mirror or a positive picture as your computer background.

Create a support team. Who do you have in your life that will be supportive of your positive efforts to re-vamp your life? Is there a parent or sibling, friend, neighbor, or even a co-worker who might be inclined to motivate and encourage you to follow through with your life changes?

Don’t complain along the way—it will confuse you. You have acknowledged that there are things you want to change and you are making those changes happen. Why complain and keep reminding yourself that you are not where you want to be yet? Keep in mind that some journeys are bumpy and some changes are a little scary. But when you start to move toward your goals, you’ll realize you’re beginning to love the possibilities.

The Good News

The good news about dissatisfaction with your life is that you have the power to improve your life however you like. If you identify specific areas that disappoint you, you can then generate solutions to correct them. When you start putting these solutions into action and refuse to let anything stop you from fixing your life, you’ll start to see results.

Keep in mind you can do anything you set your mind to and you can seek support from your friends and family. Most importantly, approach your plan to fix your life with a true sense of excitement. When you move through these steps, you’ll see that anything is possible. Yes, you can get satisfaction!

I hinted for the last couple of episodes about a project I have been working on. That’s right, I tease before I please. In Episode #3 of the Powercast, Silencing Fear, I talked about the benefits of punching fear in the throat including letting the world see how fabulous you are and doing the things you are afraid to do. Remember?

If we listen to or repeat lies often enough, they can become beliefs—heavy, self-limiting beliefs that weigh us down and keep us from achieving our goals. ~ Allegra Sinclair Click to Tweet

I didn’t really focus on limiting beliefs that day but now I am going to be all over them like a wet t-shirt. Limiting beliefs have more of a negative influence and impact on our lives than any other factor. Mercy! Some of our other obstacles to being powerful are more obvious, but limiting beliefs can be very subtle and because of that they are harder to identify and overcome. BUT, I know 2 truths about these sneaky beliefs:

  • We ALL carry around some limiting beliefs
  • We CAN replace limiting beliefs with Limitless Belief

Why are beliefs such a big deal? Because they rule your life. You will never be able to rise above your beliefs about yourself. Never, ever, ever, never. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) Our beliefs are so strong that we will subconsciously sabotage ourselves so that we don’t rise above a level that we don’t believe we deserve, that we don’t believe we earned, that we don’t believe we can maintain, etc. If someone receives a promotion that they inwardly believe they should not have (for whatever reason), they will do something to jeopardize the promotion. True story.

You may very well be dissatisfied with your life because of the effects of limiting beliefs. While all beliefs are powerful the limiting beliefs are the ones that affect us negatively. One definition of a limiting belief is that it ‘causes life to be less than completely satisfying’. I would go one step further and say that a limiting belief is one that prevents us from being powerful.

I just finished up a new toolkit called, Limitless Belief, that will help you put those limiting beliefs where they belong—in your past. The toolkit includes a 7-step checklist for banishing limiting beliefs along with an eBook, audio book and worksheet. The 7 steps to ridding yourself of these beliefs are:

  1. Challenge them
  2. Consider the source
  3. Choose differently
  4. Visualize yourself without limits
  5. Create a new limitless belief
  6. Prove the new belief
  7. Check your adoption and new power levels

Your limiting beliefs don’t just affect you; they can hinder your friends and family, not to mention those who won’t be helped if you don’t get out of your own way and start telling your story. If you are tired of letting limiting beliefs rule your life, check out the toolkit I have for you. It has a great introductory price because I really wanted to make this available to as many people as possible.

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