Declare Your Independence From Everything That Blocks You

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It’s time! Today, declare your independence from everything that hinders you from being fabulous. It will really be a day worth celebrating when we declare our independence from everything that no longer serves us. Imagine how good it will feel and how powerful you will be when you let go of the junk that’s weighing you down. In this episode of the podcast, I explore what independence means in an actionable way.

This episode includes:

  • The dictionary definition of independence
  • What independence means for us
  • Who or what we need to be free of
  • How being dependent helps us
  • How to tell when we’re ready to move on
  • Several powerful examples of situations that no longer serve you
  • The secret to change.

Are you ready to declare your independence? Great! Let me know in the comment box below, so we can encourage each other! I believe!

Have a powerful day!

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