The First 5 Reasons You Are Not Where You Want To Be

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I want to interrupt my ongoing discussion about toxic people and give you hope and provide some top reasons you aren’t where you want to be. Would it excite you to know there are just 10 reasons you are not where you want to be? YET! Based on emails and comments I have received, there is a lot of frustration building up.  When you look at your life, you may be miles away from your goals and dreams – so far you wonder if you’ll ever get there. This gap can be especially frustrating when you feel like you’re working really hard to make your dreams come true.

Unfortunately, just “working hard” doesn’t guarantee success. There are a lot of other elements and factors that determine how far you will go and how close you will come to achieving the life you imagine. Today, I am going to examine 10 reasons you aren’t where you want to be. Yet.  If you can address these obstacles (even if you only vanquish 4 of them), your efforts will be amplified, moving you past obstacles that formerly held you back.

The first 5 reasons you are not where you want to be:

  1. You don’t know what you want
  2. You don’t have a plan to get from here to there
  3. You lack resources
  4. The people around you don’t support you
  5. You really don’t know what you want

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Be encouraged! Let me know in the comment box below, if you see yourself in any of these first 5 reasons. And join me next week, for reasons 6-10!

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