You Get to Matter in Your Life with Kim Doyal

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You get to matter in your life. Good intentions and dreams are not enough. You have to be confident enough to show up and do the work in order to build the life and the business that you really deserve. I hope you have had a chance to listen to the first part of this interview with Kim Doyal, Intention is Not Enough. If not, download that today!

There is plenty of juicy stuff in today’s conclusion of that interview built on that foundation of how you get started on your journey and your first steps. Today, we finish talking about how you actually start doing the work. You have every right to matter in your own life and it’s your responsibility to decide how you want to show up.

Your story can change people’s lives, but you have to tell it. It’s not easy to write a book, I imagine it’s similar to being pregnant. Both endeavors take time, you agonize over doing things the right way, and the final result is painful before there is joy. But writing a book, or telling your story can also result in something that feels so personal that you don’t feel right about selling it. Listen in as Allegra and Kim explore:

  • Why women are hesitant to make a living off of our gifts
  • What to do if you’re stuck in place being resistant to charging your true value
  • Why you have to practice to be a really good marketer
  • The value of stretching yourself until you’re a little bit scared
  • How to tap into being powerful without being scary or intimidating
  • The gifts that come to women as they age

Who is the WordPress chick?

Kim Doyal, “The WP Chick” is a leading expert on using WordPress to market businesses online. She teaches, blogs, podcasts and creates with WordPress. A published author, movie producer and artist, her motto is “WordPress Happiness Made Easy.” Kim develops custom solutions to meet the needs for a variety of entrepreneurs and business models. With her extensive marketing skills, she had helped her clients transform their lives and their businesses, and achieve the income, success and freedom they truly desire.

Kim is on a mission to help women step into being powerful business women. Not acting like men, but showing up and being successful in business, as women. Her 3-step plan is to:

  1. Get clear on what you want
  2. Back into how you can bring the picture to life
  3. Show up and do that work!

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Links mentioned in this episode:

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War of Art by Steven Pressfield

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The WP Chick

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