I Can’t Believe It’s Been 14 Years Since 9/11

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I Can't Believe It's Been 14 Years Since 9/11

I remember… standing in the hall outside my office at General Mills, transfixed by what I thought was a TV show. Then realizing it was real. Remembering with a knot in my stomach that my brother was scheduled to be in Manhattan at that moment. Simultaneously praying harder than I’ve ever prayed before while brainstorming creative ways to keep my mother from finding out where my brother was, and blowing up every phone number I could find to locate my sister. Whispering to her, to stay where she was, because I was coming to get her. Not waiting to hear the answer, grabbing my keys and leaving work early.

Finally, after about 4 hours, when we were just running out of excuses for mom, hearing that Mark was stuck on the bridge from NY to Connecticut and had never made it into the city. Relieved, yet devastated by what had unfolded. Finding out that there were a bunch of GMI co-workers, including a good friend, in the city who had been shuttled to Maryland. Hearing that my friend’s husband jumped in his car and was heading out with a friend to GET HIS WIFE BACK. Grateful, dazzled at the romance of that gesture, and blown away that it was necessary.

That evening, listening to ‘circuits are busy’ messages as I called all over the country checking on friends, family, my circle. Growing up in Jersey and going to college in New York, there we so many people to check on. I lost the energy to dial after a while. But thankfully, everyone I checked on was ok. As ok as anybody could be, on THAT DAY.

Hosting a slumber party of sorts that night at my house with several friends who simply couldn’t bear to be alone. Loving on them and getting healed by their presence. An amazing night of laughter, tears, determination and resilience. #NeverForget

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