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Stop Phoning In Your Work Because You've Given Up and Be More Confident About Your Career

Tired of Feeling Disconnected at Work?

  • Are you sick and tired of feeling discouraged about the way your life and career have been going?
  • Maybe you come home at night and you're cranky because of job stress & you don't know what to do. 
  • Or you wake up every day wishing you didn't have to go to work and wondering how you got here.

Hi, I'm Allegra. I was in the same place of discouragement and wondered how I would ever get out.

Here is a Huge Problem You Face Right Now!

This is a message for every corporate women who needs to do more meaningful work but can't because she keeps getting stuck on the same old stuff.

You're frustrated and confused because your previous career strategies don't seem to work anymore.

But that's not the end of the problem...

What makes this even worse is that you no longer understand how your perceptions and beliefs are creating your work results.

For most women this means they will not thrive in their corporate environments because they are constantly reacting from stress instead of being a leader.

And, worst of all, many corporate women can't get past the idea that the only way to get ahead is to mimic the behaviors of their mostly-male, senior leaders. 

I Didn't Know it Would Be Like This

I spent more than 20 years in leadership positions at some of the most admired companies in the world. I had great success and enjoyed frequent promotions, moving from organization to organization with ease. Until I didn't.

I reached a point in my career where growth just stalled. I was uncomfortable and didn't understand what I was doing wrong.

On top of the difficulty I had with suddenly not being seen as 'promotable', I noticed that this lack of confidence was leaking into other areas of my life. I decided that I needed to work harder and I did! But, I was working so many hours trying to succeed that I didn't have time for my previous hobbies and activities. And I was not being my best self inside or outside of work. 

I Hated Feeling Like I Was a Completely Different Person at Work and Everywhere Else. I began to wonder who I really was.

All this can make trying to figure out how to be more confident, powerful, and successful in your work a nightmare!

I Figured It Out !

I wish I could tell you that I watched an amazing Hallmark Movie and suddenly my life came into focus, the birds sang and all was well with the world. But my mama didn't raise a liar.

Instead, I spent years trying on different leadership styles, moving to different organizations and experimenting to see if the career magic wuld return. 

I kept doing this until I realized that everywhere I went, there I was!  Until I learned who I really was, what I wanted my career and life to look like, and what my leadership potential was, I stayed stuck. And my family and friends suffered right along with me.

But luckily for you, there's a Solution...

If you're a mid-career corporate woman who wants to increase her leadership ability and who really wants to do more of what feels authentic and meaningful, but hasn't been able to find it, here's the answer you've been looking for...

Quickly Get Results You Desire with

The Career Calibration

This coaching experience helps you realize how quickly you can reconnect with the big dreams you had when you were starting your career and stop phoning in your work because you've given up.

When I learned how to re-engage, demonstrate my leadership skills in a way that resonated with my team, and really leverage my strengths, I was struck by how many 'ghosts' I was working with. Once you wake up, you can see the ghosts very clearly.

This is What Happens:

  • 1
    Guilt goes away: You will stop feeling guilty for not being more present at home and giving your best to the people who really matter.
  • 2
    Stress bends to your will: You will find out how you react to situations when you're stressed out and how to make more powerful choices.
  • 3
    Results become easier to achieve: You'll see how to take positive, productive, sustainable action to improve your career satisfaction.
  • 4
    Your perceptions and beliefs fuel your eforts: With  a clear picture of who you are and what your ideal life is about you can make sure you're moving toward the right goals.

How The Career Calibration Works

Take a 20-minute online assessment.

This can be done at your convenience and provides insights into how you show up in various aspects of your life. You will receive a full report.

Spend 1 hr. on the phone with me.

You will receive personalized coaching on your results and what's standing in your way with concrete action steps for improvement.

Results from The Career Calibration

“I found the blocks that were holding me back.”

“Allegra was able to help me sift through the information and find the blocks that were holding me back. Allegra's positive energy, intuitive nature, and ability to get to the heart of the matter make for a magical combination."

Kat B.

This Package is no longer available. Click here to find out how you can work with me.

Allegra M. Sinclair

Certified Coach

Who's Coaching You?

I am an expert in career reconstruction who held leadership positions at some of the most admired organizations in the world for over 20 years. I'm uniquely qualified to help you with everything you need to know about getting your career and life back on track.

I have a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and coaching certifications from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

The Best Thing about The Career Calibration is that You'll Start Seeing Results in Less than 60 Minutes

Here's why you can't wait and you need to act on this right now:

  • You're sick and tired of being sick and tired. Why wait any longer?
  • The longer you stay stuck, the more difficult it is to make changes.
  • We need fully-engaged leaders today more than ever and the need is growing.

Get Started Right Now

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Again, Here's "What's Included"

  • 20-minute online assessment
  • A full report of your results and what's standing in your way
  • 1-hour phone coaching with me to go over your results
  • Concrete steps to put your results in action

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