I Choose Friends Who Align with My Beliefs

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I look at my friends as extended family. I share unspoken love and support with my true friends. They are an integral part of my life because we understand each other even though we are very different people.

I choose friends that align with my beliefs to help keep the energy around me positive and productive. Positive energy helps me grow from strength to strength.

Having friends with similar beliefs makes it easier for me to converse. I can discuss ideas, solutions, and plans with my friends knowing they have a similar foundation. I know their input comes from a sincere place.

I humbly take the advice of my closest friends. They’re always honest with me, and I appreciate that. Plus their advice is based on the same ideals I believe in, so I know it’s always good advice. They also rely on me to provide beneficial advice, for the same reasons.

Choosing positive friends who share my core values makes me feel secure. It is a great feeling to know that there are people in my life whom I can always trust and rely on.

Today, my friendships are as important to me as my family, although in a different way. My true friends bring a different perspective to life than my family. I gladly accept them in my life because they help to enrich my soul.

Questions for Self-Reflection:

  1. Is it easy for me to confront a friend about something inappropriate they do?
  2. Are there times when my friends challenge my beliefs? How do I respond?
  3. Am I as supportive of my friends as they are of me?

Sharing is caring

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