I am clear about my values

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Affirmation I Am Clear About My Values

I am clear about my values.

I choose to be clear about what I believe. My values are deeply rooted. My beliefs make up who I am.

My identity is determined by the moral values I received through generations of my family’s history, along with the choices I make for myself today.

I honor my past by lining myself up with the values I received from my ancestors. I shape my future and that of the generations ahead of me by evaluating my personal beliefs and creating my own set of values.

I am steadfast about what I believe. The opinions of others, as strongly as others may push them on me, yield to my disciplined belief system.

When people disagree with my life choices, I hold tightly to my values. I stand up for the things I believe in, even when my views are unpopular. I hold on to what I believe is right, even when others disagree.

My values are consistent. I take time to reflect on what I believe. I am at peace with myself about what I know to be true. My values remain constant instead of changing on a whim.

I passionately stand up for what I believe, instead of pleasing the crowd and going with the flow.

Today, I choose to be clear about my values. I stand with courage. I reject confusion from my mind and I embrace a steadfast attitude about my beliefs.

Questions for Reflection:

  1. How do the beliefs I’ve been taught in the past affect the things I believe today?
  2. Why is it important to evaluate the values that have been passed down and figure out for myself what I believe?
  3. What are my values?

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