Do you know how to commit to your goals? I thought I did but a recent event made me thinking twice.

There is a fabulous celebration going on today in North Carolina called, ‘Marry Durham’. It’s an incredibly brilliant idea for bringing a community together. The premise is that the residents of the town will show their love for their city by participating in a wedding complete with a wedding ceremony (including decorations), a reception, and a parade! (Remind me to have a parade when I get married—that idea rocks!) And if that isn’t enough, the event benefits 5 worthy, local charities.

Lots of communities have celebrations but marrying (pun intended) the idea to an actual wedding makes this celebration so much fun and much more meaningful. Why? Because what are weddings? They are public declarations of our affections and intentions, they involve our friends and loved ones, they create a community of support for our union and they involve gifts! I can’t wait to get there to see who shows up for the festivities.

Several of the marketing messages really struck a chord with me including ‘Stop Flirting and Make a Commitment’ and ‘Love Durham? Prove It!’. First, the messages struck me because the branding was impressively consistent throughout the execution of the campaign. The funny, passionate, light-hearted voice could be heard in their Tweets, their Facebook fanpage posts and the hysterical F.A.Q. on their website. But what really made me pause was the prompting that if we really want something we must make a full commitment to it. Hmmm. So I should stop just being interested in things and commit to making them happen? Good to know.

Am I flirting with my big goals or am I committed to them? My behavior seems to indicate I’m committed to some goals (helping people develop belief in themselves and eating more vegetables) and not committed to others (reducing my consumption of Doritos and consistent daily exercise). Do you love your career or business and is that feeling obvious to those close to you or are you sending mixed messages? We are all works in progress but this town wedding has made me think about how my actions align with my stated goals and desires.

What are you flirting with that you just need to propose to? Could I tell what you love simply by observing your life? Let me know in the comment box. And please share this using the social media buttons if you enjoyed the message.

I hope you’re planning a POWERFUL day!

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Allegra Sinclair is a professional coach and confidence expert. She hates to see women living small and loves to help them change how they show up in the world.

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