How to Conquer Doubt and Become a More Confident Woman

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As women, we often carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, and we seem to carry around a lot more self-doubt than we should. But you can conquer doubt and become a more confident woman if you want to. It all starts with you.

Act As If — It may seem like old-fashioned advice your Grandma might give you, but it works. You may have heard this term: Fake it till you make it! Well, if you’re nervous or are experiencing self-doubt, pretend that you aren’t, and one day, it’ll be true. Really!

Stop Negative Self Talk — Anytime you feel negative self-talk coming on, immediately change the words to positive. You will have to practice by talking to yourself loudly over the din of negativity inside your brain but you can do it, and soon it’ll be second nature.

Find the Source — Everyone has a source for when self-doubt first started. When you were a little girl, before the self-doubt kicked in you were confident in yourself. We all were. Try to figure out what changed that, and rewrite your story.

Dump Toxic People — If you have people in your life who are toxic to your ability to consistently feel good about yourself, whether they are friends, family or someone at church, it’s time to let them go. It can be difficult to do that, but it’s something you have to do for yourself so that you can be whole and healthy.

Work on Issues — If there is a specific problem that can be solved that will give you more confidence,  start tackling that. Is it lack of education? Read more books! Go back to school! Is it your body? Work on it. Even women who haven’t reached their weight loss goals are more confident when they are at least working on it.

Make Amends — Are past transgressions making you feel undeserving, so self-doubt creeps in? If so, take advice from the 12 steps and make amends for past transgressions. Tell people you’re sorry. Maybe you just need to tell yourself you’re sorry!

Forgive People — Speaking of saying you’re sorry, holding on to anger at others, (or yourself) can cause you to have a low opinion of yourself. As they say, “To take revenge is often to sacrifice oneself.” Do you really want to sacrifice your entire life by not forgiving people?

Develop Your Purpose — Do you know your why? Do you know your purpose? If you don’t, then it’s time to find out what it is. It’s certainly not living your life worried about your weight or your looks. Humans are much deeper than that. Find your purpose, and you’ll find your self-confidence.

Are you feeling more confident yet? Good! Let me know why in the comment box below.

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  1. Ashley Montgomery says:

    Thanks for such a powerful post. It has really made me think about some things.

    1. Allegra Sinclair says:

      Thanks Ashley! Have a powerful week, Allegra

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