Consistency is a key to my success

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Consistency is a key to my success
Consistency is a key to my success.

I enjoy success in my everyday life and I am very grateful for that blessing. I realize that my behaviors, choices, and emotions play a large role in my being successful.

Although I have many personality characteristics that compel me to do my best and achieve my goals, I find that consistency is an important key to my success.

I think about about the benefits I get from being consistent.  To stay consistent I apply logical thinking. I endeavor to be orderly in my efforts. And I put all my energy into what I am doing at the moment in time.

Striving for consistency gives me great persistence. I stick with a task until it is completed to the best of my ability.

Consistency comes with a guarantee: if I continue diligently with laser focus on a task, apply planning and break the task into doable chunks using logical thinking, I WILL succeed. My success if guaranteed.  I firmly believe that my success is largely due to my ability to be consistent.

Another positive aspect of consistency is that I set an excellent example to others that success can be theirs too if they are consistent, planful, and focused.

Today, I am pleased when I reflect about how consistency pays off for me in my daily life. I know I can continue to be consistent at home, with friends, and at work.

I am successful because I am consistent.

Things that make me think:

  1. How important is consistency to me?
  2. Would people who know me describe me as a consistent person?
  3. Do I want to improve my level of consistency? If so, how can I do it?

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