What The World Needs Now is NOT Love

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What the world needs now is NOT love, it’s courage. Courage to be who you really are and stop asking other people for permission.

I don’t know who this woman is wearing my clothes, eating my food and watching videos?! I don’t watch much TV and have never been a fan of videos because I prefer to read. That’s why I don’t make very many of them and my YouTube channel is so lonely.  But lately I keep running across videos that really talk to me so I may have to adjust my stance on that.


What the world needs now is NOT love. With all due respect to the legend of Dionne Warwick.

I have loved Sara Bareilles since I first heard her sing, ‘Love Song’ and ‘Gravity’ in 2007. Kim Doyal shared this video of her song, ‘Brave’ with me and I can’t stop watching it and listening to the song. With apologies to Burt Bacharach and Dionne Warwick, what the world needs now is courage! The people in the video are bringing the word, brave, to life in several fascinating ways that I think you are really going to enjoy.

Based on my viewing, I am really going to have to get to the library more and dare to be brave!

Have a POWERFUL day.

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    1. Aren’t you tempted to break out and dance somewhere? Or is that just me? Have a powerful weekend, Allegra

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