I Am Done With The Past

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I am done with the past.

I finish with the past so that I am free to focus on the present and new beginnings. I feel positively liberated when I release the past. I let go of memories that would hold me back, and put the past to rest.

I develop compassion for those who may have harmed me. I try to understand their position and wish them well, even if I disagree with their actions. This is what I do for me, not for them.

I come to terms with loss. Life is full of transitions. I make the most of my experiences and relationships while they last. I am comfortable with beginnings and endings.

I learn from my missteps. I forgive myself and move on. Taking calculated risks may sometimes lead me to make errors. That is ok. Pursuing valuable opportunities is more satisfying than refusing to try at all.

When I put the past behind me, I am better prepared to face my future. I examine my thoughts to see if they serve my current interests. I am open to changing my viewpoint.

I live in the present moment. I slow down and pay attention to my senses. I ask myself if I am seeing a situation realistically or whether my vision is distorted by previous experiences.

While I focus on the here and now, I plan for the future. I devote my energy to creating positive change and I am hopeful about what lies ahead.

Today, I release myself from the past and welcome new people, experiences, and opportunities.

Questions for Self-Reflection:

  1. How does being done with the past help me move forward?
  2. How do I distinguish between letting go and giving up?
  3. Where can I find the courage to stop clinging to things just because they are familiar?

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  1. This is a biggie for me. I had to learn that the past didn’t follow me around by itself. I carried it! And I found out I could put it down and have a lot more peace. Thanks for the reminder!

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