10 Ways to Stop Your Critics From Stealing Your Dream Life

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Today we will look at 10 ways to stop your critics from stealing your dream. I never wanted to be a cop but I do love those shows. I’m fascinated by the techniques they use to prevent crimes. So I’m going to apply some of that investigative wisdom to protecting your dream.

Have you ever gotten excited about doing something, only to be shot down by the people that you thought would support you? It happens all the time.

Maybe you decided you wanted to train for a marathon, only for some super helpful person to remind you that you’re not athletic and quit the last few things you tried. Or, maybe you wanted to start a business, only to be told that most businesses fail. Then you’re told that you shouldn’t bother, because you don’t have any business experience anyway. These old stories do not serve you.

Life is full of critics. Many of them have never tried to accomplish any of their dreams. And they haven’t tried to accomplish the things that you are talking about. But they always have a super helpful opinion.

The more you try to accomplish, the more people you’ll have trying to stop you in one way or another. But here are some ideas to stop those critics so that you can live your best life.

Stop Your  critics and live your best life:

  1. Understand the real reason for their criticism. When you try to be more than you are, it makes the people in your life uncomfortable. They’re used to you being a certain way. It also bothers them that you might become successful while they’re too afraid to change. No one wants to confront their own mediocrity.
  2. Avoid reacting. People are only rewarded for trying to hold you back if you quit or if you get upset. Stick to your plan and avoid responding in an emotional way. Just ignore them and keep on going.
  3. Consider keeping your big plans to yourself. While many success gurus recommend announcing your grand plans to the world as a means of holding yourself accountable, studies show that this hurts more people than it helps.
    When you let the world know what you want to accomplish, the critics crawl out of the woodwork. Click to Tweet
  4. Avoid dwelling on the criticism. There’s no reason to sit around and stew over it. Let it go and put your attention on something that is either useful or enjoyable.
  5. Consider the source of criticism. If Stephen King has something to say about your horror novel, you’d be wise to listen. If your Uncle Joe, the plumber, is criticizing your plans for being an architect, why would you listen?
  6. Find the right people to “criticize” you. Find the right critics. These are often referred to as “mentors.” Find an expert that’s willing to take a look at what you’re doing and provide useful advice. The right mentor can save you a lot of time and speed up your success.
  7. Become even more focused. Use criticism as motivation to focus and work even harder. Show everyone what you can do. Have the last laugh.
  8. Find people who truly support you. Most people wish they had more friends. What people really need is just a couple of friends that truly want the best for you. Bette Midler won Emmys, Grammys, Golden Globes, and many other awards. She says that the hardest part of winning any of her awards was finding someone that was truly happy for her.
  9. Cut the critics out of your life if you can. If you have things you want to accomplish, there’s no room for those who are trying to stop you. You might be hesitant to cut your critical mom out of your life, but there’s no reason to hold onto the negative friend that you’ve rarely seen since high school. If there is someone in your life whose sole purpose is to be negative and discourage you and make you feel badly about yourself what will you lose by choosing to spend less time with them?
  10. Change the subject. Get your critic talking about themselves or something going on in their own life. They may soon forget about yours altogether.

If you have big plans for your life, you’re going to have to deal with a lot of critics

Remember that most people choose comfort over growth, but they’re secretly frustrated with themselves because of it. Your choice to live a bigger life is an unpleasant reminder to your critics that they settled. Stop your critics by refusing to allow their issues to derail your dreams.

Follow those dreams and go on to live the life you desire!


The more you try to accomplish, the more people you'll have trying to stop you in one way or another. Click to Tweet Each of us is so much more than we show the world on any given day. Click to Tweet Nobody wants to be slapped in the face with their own mediocrity and poor decisions. And as long as you don't do more, they don't have to face what they're not doing. Click to Tweet I used to love proving people wrong. Just because they might have seen the way I showed up in a couple of circumstances didn't mean they knew what I was capable of doing in all circumstances. Click to Tweet If you have big things that you want to accomplish, there is no room for anybody who's trying to stop you. Click to Tweet

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