Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Success: The Tale of Francis the Fearful Frog

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Please don’t let fear keep you from success. Today we will look at Francis the Fearful Frog. Her story is a cautionary tale about letting fear keep you from being successful. On the podcast we’ve talked quite a bit about fear. We’ve talked about punching it in the throat, different ways of conquering fear, and overcoming fear of failure, etc. But today, let’s look at fear from the standpoint of what the world is missing if you don’t address your fears. (gulp)

I have a quick story to start with because I love stories and fables. You can download an accompanying study guide below.

How Fear Keeps Us From Success:

  • Opportunities that come your way may not be available forever. If you’re interested, act.
  • If you want to make the most of your life for you and others, the most impactful, fear is likely the biggest barrier and has to be eliminated.
  • The day you decide to show up and be heard, is the day your life will change forever.
Nothing feels as good as achieving something important while you're still afraid.' ~ Allegra Sinclair Click to Tweet

You Can Combat Fear

In summary, once you figure out who you want to be, you can combat fear by reminding yourself that while fear is usually not based in fact it can still prevent you from getting what you want. Once viewed through this lens, fear can become an insignificant obstacle. There are people who really want to support your vision, but you have to be willing to share that vision. Go!

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