Learning to Manage Grief and Racial Trauma

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Joining me on the podcast today is a dear friend who is an Anti-Racism Consultant and Therapist. He’s been doing the work helping people deal with grief and racial trauma for more than 20 years. He is uniquely positioned to acknowledge what is going on in many people’s heads and give us action steps to continue to show up during this incredibly difficult time.

So many people are suffering right now. Between the global health pandemic and the scourge that is rampant racism here in America, people are suffering. And more than that, they are angry that the world changed without their permission and they are struggling to name what is going on with them.

We are most in trouble when we’re struggling with what used to be—and our desire to have things as they were before. That is gone.

In this episode we discussed:

  • The different ways that people are grieving right now, it’s not just loss of a loved one.
  • With the global pandemic, what other emotions are wearing us down in addition to grief?
  • What can we do now to deal with grief about the current state of things?
  • The main thing we do that saps our power and keeps us stuck.
  • How and why Black people are operating at less than their full energy.
  • How racial trauma shows up in our bodies and what to do about it.
  • How to improve the results you get from meditation.
  • How to tell if you are managing your racial trauma well or need to seek additional support.

Who is Ray Fisher?

Learning to Manage Grief and Racial TraumaRay Fisher, MSW, LCSW, PCC is a psychotherapist, executive coach and facilitator who has worked with a variety of individuals’, families’ and couples. He is a relationship expert who utilizes this knowledge throughout his therapeutic and coaching engagements.

He has over 20 years of clinical experience and over 10 years coaching leaders, Ray’s style is forthcoming, connected, personable, and grounded in research based techniques focused on helping individuals, families, and couples reach their stated goals. 

He holds a Master’s degree from Smith College School for Social Work (where he is also an adjunct professor), attended the Teleos Leadership Institutes Coach Development Training Program, is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF), and certified in the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) through the Hay Group.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Other Anti-Racism Resources:


"Feeling good during this crazy time doesn't mean that you're not aware and feeling what's bad. You can do both. ~ Ray Fisher

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"Feeling good is a form of protest and rebellion during this time. I refuse to let the pandemic or rampant racism steal all my joy. ~ Allegra Sinclair

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"We are most in trouble when we’re struggling with what used to be—and our desire to have things as they were before. That is gone." ~ Ray Fisher

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"Everything we do and experience is a lesson. Ask yourself what is this lesson trying to teach you? Then you can move yourself out of the story." ~ Ray Fisher

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"When we talk about grief, we have to create more space in ourselves so we can hold more and process out what we need." ~ Ray Fisher

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  1. Gregory Smith says:

    Wonderful to hear two childhood friends discuss a most relevant topic in a fun, non threatening and insightful way.

    1. Hey Greg! Thanks for checking out the episode and leaving such a nice comment! I hope you got something out of the conversation besides a reminder that I have no rhythm. 🙂 Have a powerful day!

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