Learn How to Stop Putting Your Amazing Dreams on Ice

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Learning how to stop putting your amazing dreams on hold is a skill. You might be the kind of woman who once had amazing dreams. I’m sure some were small,  some were scary-big, and others were everything in between. But time passed and you put your amazing dreams on hold.  Your dreams are still there, but it’s like they’re frozen.

One reason that you put things on ice is because you don’t want them to spoil and you don’t intend to do anything with them right now. For instance, in the kitchen you can put something on ice and pretend that food doesn’t exist until you’re ready to use it. Or until it gets so freezer burnt it jumps out of the freezer all by itself.

You also put something on ice when you’re injured and you need that part of your body to slow down dramatically, so it can heal. In this case you put something on ice to protect it, so it can get better.

In both of these cases, you don’t have to pay close attention to the things you put on ice, you can put them out of your mind.

On the other hand, the meal you’re cooking right now and your healthy body need attention. You take care to make sure you don’t ruin the food and that you take care of your body. These things stay top of mind.

Your amazing dreams don't belong on ice--regardless of why you put them there. ~ Allegra Sinclair Click to Tweet

Your amazing dreams don’t belong on ice–regardless of why they ended up there. It doesn’t matter whether you put your dreams on hold because you thought you needed to focus on something else first, or you told yourself that your dreams were unrealistic or unimportant. Or even if you put your dreams out of your mind because you didn’t know how to make them happen and it was too painful to think about them when they were out of reach.

How long have your amazing dreams been on ice?

How much time has passed since you put those amazing dreams on ice? Months? Years? Have you taken any steps toward breathing life into your dreams? If you’re like most people, the answer to that last question is probably no. A painful, unnecessary no.

Once dreams go on the backburner, they have a tendency to sit there quietly, never getting your full attention again. Iced dreams are the saddest dreams you will ever have.

Iced dreams are the saddest dreams you will ever have.

What are iced dreams?

  • They are the ‘almost’ and what-ifs’ that haunt you when you least expect it
  • They are the keys to being more fulfilled and being genuinely happy
  • They are like best friends who want only to give you the things you’re most passionate about
  • They are the fuel that can change your life–if you let them

Make a decision not to stay stuck

Your amazing dreams are too important to be put on ice. Get rid of whatever it is that’s holding you back. Today, decide why and how you will start acting on your dreams in spite of any perceived reasons why you shouldn’t begin now.

One good why silences dozens of why nots, stop putting amazing dreams on hold

Go for it, even if you’re worried about what people might say. Get started even if you think it’s too late. It’s not.

Find a way. Give something up. Work with a coach to get clear on the steps to take to reach your goals sooner.

Your dreams are worth the risks you have to take.

Your amazing dreams are worth whatever you have to give up and whatever you have to do to get the ball rolling. Dreams end up on ice because people tend to sacrifice what they want and what they need for the needs of others.

You might be telling yourself that you’ll get to your dreams someday even though you haven’t started working on making the dreams come true. Your dreams are just as important as the needs of any other people – whether those people are your friends, family, or coworkers.

Make the decision today that you are taking your dream off ice and you’re not quitting until you see it come to life.

Be prepared, you may experience some fear – that is normal. Anybody getting ready to make an amazing dream come true would probably feel the exact same thing!

The thing about fear is that it usually gets stronger when we don’t act.  Be honest, aren’t you usually the most afraid of what ‘might’ happen?

When you start working your plan and take your amazing dreams off ice, fear turns into courage and courage into determination and power.

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