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  1. I love that! Allegrativity and Chief Encouragement Officer! You are such a gift to all girlfriend!

  2. Tiffany Dow says:

    I’ve been powerful in every area of my life except my personal one but now that’s changing. Great post Allegra!

    1. Hi Tiffany, yes you have! Thanks for the encouragement. I am really enjoying watching and learning from your transformation. Have a POWERFUL day, Allegra.

  3. The direction you’re headed with this looks great. I’m guessing you’re going to inspire a LOT of women out of their shells on onto the making it happen super highway! I’m looking forward to watching it happen!

    1. Hi Debi!
      Thanks for stopping by. And feel free to come back any time you want to be so sweet and encouraging! 🙂 I love the name of your blog and am headed over there now to check it out. Have a POWERFUL week, Allegra

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