How to Become a More Powerful Woman

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What on earth is Allegrativity? It’s a made up word that describes the state of being a powerful woman–as powerful as you’re meant to be. AND it was the re-branding of my blog which was previously found at I didn’t make the change capriciously but after a period of examining what I really wanted to create for women through this site.  I have written before about how I believe the purpose of our lives is to find ‘our’ work, then to get in and stay in our lanes. I still believe that, but as I  worked with more women and thought about why more of us aren’t doing that, I kept hearing the same small whispers. And those whispers really started to gnaw at me and keep me up at night.

Deciding to Become a Powerful Woman

Many women instinctively or intuitively know exactly what ‘their’ work is, but will not move into it. Now having learned how to drive in New Jersey, that is incomprehensible to me. When I see an opening in a lane I would prefer to be in, I’m moving! Often without signaling, usually very quickly and assertively. That has  worked well on the NJ Turnpike or I-95, but I admit to being stymied at times by my inability to make similar changes when I’m not behind the wheel of a car or the consequences of the lane change are greater. I can vividly remember graduating from college and having absolutely no idea what I wanted to do. Correction, I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn’t move toward it because other people were ‘encouraging’ me toward something different. More on that later but my lukewarm desire to get in my lane and the conflicting advice I received from others kept me from being as powerful as I could be. Sound familiar?

What Holds Women Back?

It would seem that there are as many things holding women back as there are women on the planet. But I have observed some themes or conditions which most of the individual reasons can be grouped into:

  • Dead Watch Battery Blues
  • S.A.D.D. (I should copyright this, it’s what I call Situational A.D.D.)
  • Clogged Filter Syndrome
  • Funhouse Mirror Flu
  • Missing Glenda
  • Microwave Madness

Is There Hope?

I laughed out loud as I wrote those but I promise to explain them over the next few days and weeks. There may actually be a 7th condition (or 8th or 9th) but I think you get my point. Six certainly doesn’t seem like an insurmountable number of obstacles if the prize is being POWERFUL. But, all of these items prevent us from being as powerful as we’re meant to be. And the longer we live, the more barriers we seem to discover. Remember when you were seven and believed that you could do anything and everything? Or perhaps, that is not your story and that makes me a little sad. (I wish for every woman to have a period in her life when she believes she is unstoppable.)  Either way, we can change that right now and begin to transform from a potential-filled caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.

Becoming a More Powerful Woman Can Be Painful

They can’t talk so I can’t ask, but I’m guessing that the process of becoming a butterfly is painful. Do you agree? Would you also agree that it requires energy, focus, and the right conditions for that powerful transformation to take place? Yes! I also know that it takes time and that if you rush the process and skip steps the resulting butterfly is small, weak, awkward, …doomed.

So you will see several changes happening here that are intended to help you create the environment, skills, and focus required to simply AMAZE yourself with what you are capable of doing, being, and becoming. Wow. A big undertaking. But a very DOABLE mission, and one that will take more than five minutes to complete. Remember that microwave mentality? We are only using ovens and slow cookers here, because we want all sorts of juicy flavor baked into our fabulous selves and we are willing to invest the time it takes to create THAT dish instead of opting for the quick substitute. Wouldn’t you rather have 2 oz. of real ice cream once a week for a month rather than eating an entire pint of the fake stuff? Me too.

Now that you have read this post, what are you thinking about purpose and power? Already feel that you’re a powerful woman? Or are you ready to become a more powerful woman and you’d like a little help and support? Let me know in the comment section. I am so excited I can hardly sleep and I can’t wait to see what we all come up with.

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  1. The direction you’re headed with this looks great. I’m guessing you’re going to inspire a LOT of women out of their shells on onto the making it happen super highway! I’m looking forward to watching it happen!

    1. Hi Debi!
      Thanks for stopping by. And feel free to come back any time you want to be so sweet and encouraging! 🙂 I love the name of your blog and am headed over there now to check it out. Have a POWERFUL week, Allegra

  2. Tiffany Dow says:

    I’ve been powerful in every area of my life except my personal one but now that’s changing. Great post Allegra!

    1. Hi Tiffany, yes you have! Thanks for the encouragement. I am really enjoying watching and learning from your transformation. Have a POWERFUL day, Allegra.

  3. I love that! Allegrativity and Chief Encouragement Officer! You are such a gift to all girlfriend!

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