How We Can Stop Setting Ourselves Up For Failure

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Today let’s look at how we can stop setting ourselves up for failure.

An article in a WeightWatchers newsletter really got me thinking (a dangerous situation to be sure). Making life changes are all the rage at this time of year and losing weight is one of the most popular changes to make. The following section was what really grabbed my attention.

“People put too much pressure on themselves to change everything in their diets, which sets them up for failure,” believes New York-based registered dietitian Shari Mermelstein. Her advice? Set your sights on making several small dietary and lifestyle changes, and you’ll lose weight without really missing out.

Interesting, huh? I immediately saw a link between this ‘all or nothing’ attitude about changing our diets and an evil ‘all or nothing’ attitude that can sneak into my thoughts about making changes in other areas of my life, especially personal development and business growth.

This pattern of setting ourselves up for failure is so common, so don’t feel bad if you recognize yourself here.

I agree with the dietician who suggests that we put too much pressure on ourselves to make wholesale sweeping changes. Don’t you agree?

Many people have made so many New Year’s resolutions (some of which they may have been making year after year) that they are exhausted just from writing them down. How likely is it that someone in this state of mental exhaustion is actually going to make ALL those changes?

Let’s stop setting ourselves up for failure

A different way of approaching the changes we need or want to make would be to follow the dietician’s advice. Look for smaller, incremental changes that will 1) make a real difference in your life, and 2) that you have a good chance of acting upon.

So where she advised that we skip 1 cup of regular soda a day to lose 10-11 pounds a year, we could apply this to our lives by picking one action to focus on instead of 12. Or 20.

What changes would you like to see in your personal development this year? Are there some specific changes you would like to see in your business? What 1-2 things could you realistically start to do right now—today—to make those changes happen?

If you need help identifying steps, ask a trusted advisor, friend or coach. And then the most important thing needs to happen—do the work!

What do you think? Are you guilty of trying to change your whole life in one hour? Trying to lose 60 pounds in one week? What steps are you taking to change that faulty thinking? Let me know in the comment box.

I hope you’re planning a POWERFUL day!

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