How Women Can Become Their Own Best Friend

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It’s good to know how women can become their own best friend. A best friend wants the best for you, accepts you, treats you with respect, notices if you need help, encourages you, challenges you, and is generous with her time.

If you want to have a truly happy life, you need to do all those things for yourself first, before you can fully do them for others. It’s like the instructions they give you on an airplane–in case of loss of air pressure, put on your own mask before assisting others. Likewise, you need to treat yourself like a best friend before anyone else can treat you like a best friend. I mean, if you won’t, who will? Who can? Read on to discover how women can become their own best friend.

A best friend would not let you talk badly about yourself. A best friend would not let you date men who aren’t right for you. A best friend wants you to have a happy life. Are there things in your life now that if you were your best friend you’d want to stop right now? If the answer is yes, then you need to become your own best friend as soon as possible. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I give myself at least as much attention as I do my family? Friends?
  • Do I give myself at least as much time as I do my family? Pets?
  • Do I take care of myself in the same manner I do my family? Significant other?
  • How often do I do things I really love doing?
  • How often do I fix dinners that I really love?
  • How often do I buy myself something new that I really love?
  • Do I devote the time I should to exercise?

If you answered no to most of these questions you’re not being your own best friend, or even a good acquaintance. Taking care of yourself is not selfish, it’s necessary. If you’re not healthy, and not happy, how in the world can you offer anything of substance to anyone else? And, in all honesty, no one likes a martyr. You’ve probably heard the saying, “No good deed goes unpunished,” and in the case of putting yourself last in your life, it’s very true. You’ll be punished by being unhealthy, unhappy, and probably more than a little resentful.

It’s time to realize that not only do you have the time to devote to self-care, but you are wasting time, maybe taking years off your life by NOT taking the time. Something as small as working out each day can add over four years to your life. Eating healthy another several years! Taking the time now obviously saves and adds time to your life in the future! What best friend would allow you to skip this valuable self-care?

Do you need to make some changes? Perhaps you need to be a better friend to yourself. Do it now! Let me know what things you can commit to doing for yourself in the comment box.

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