How Do You Know When It’s Time to Level Up?

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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Level Up?

How do you know when it’s time to level up in your life or business? And once you’re ready how do you stay focused and make the right moves? These and other questions were tackled in this episode as I was interviewed by the Audacity Coach, Coach Jennie, as part of her Level Up series. This interview began as a Blab.  In fact, this was my first Blab ever! I survived and had an awesome time while I was learning this new platform. Our starting point was defining what leveling up means and what it feels like, but we covered a broad range of topics so there will definitely be some food for thought as you decide if you are ready to Level Up.

In This Episode you will discover:

  • How an unsexy profession led me to helping others see the fabulous within themselves
  • How you know when it’s time to make some sort of leap/change and what boredom has to do with it
  • Why I am so afraid of being bored
  • Steps you can take to stop being comfortable and why you want to do that
  • How to exercise your courage muscle to get past fear
  • The ways you can steal the power away from fear
  • The unique power that entrepreneurs possess
  • What do you do if you hate marketing
  • Why strong women who ‘Go Big or Stay Home’ choose to stay home
  • The one instance in which encouragement can be a bad thing

The complete transcript is on the way, but until then here are some quick action steps from this episode.

Steps to deal with a paralyzing fear:

  1. Recognize that fear is a signal of something else, it’s not the real issue.
  2. Peel the onion, why are you really afraid?
  3. Expose fear to light so it will become powerless:
    • Your fear may never happen
    • If you plan for the thing you fear, it’s a much smaller deal if it happens
    • You can handle what you fear because you have evidence that you have handled things before

It’s time to level up:

  1. Decide, what’s the worst thing that can happen if you level up?
  2. Uncover the unknown so it won’t distract you
  3. Pick one aspect of leveling up that you can do right now?
  4. Get a powerful outside opinion, and choose that person wisely

Links mentioned in this episode:

There Are No Tents at Audacity Camp podcast episode with Coach Jennie

Coach Jennie


Audacious people are extremely uncomfortable being comfortable. ~ Coach Jennie Click to Tweet I am most afraid of not being what I know I can be. ~ Allegra Sinclair Click to Tweet Fear loves to live in the shadows, it's built on whispers and doubt, no real proof or data. ~Allegra Sinclair Click to Tweet Fear only shows up when something really matters to you. ~ Coach Jennie Click to Tweet If your story is good, you're selfish not to do whatever it takes to share it. ~ Allegra Sinclair Click to Tweet

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