I allow only positive thinking into my life.

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I allow only positive thinking

I allow only positive thinking into my life.

Everything I do has purpose and meaning. I choose to make my life a positive experience. Each and every day is happy and joyful because I choose positive thoughts.

I see the value in being happy and peaceful. Love and joy are the kinds of things I focus on. I give these things to the world and they come back around to me. I find the good in every situation and choose to focus on that good.

Negative people want what I have. They see that I have joy because my positive thinking is a choice I make. Each day I focus on thinking thoughts that give me energy and peace.

I only focus on the good things in life. Because I focus on good things, I will continue to experience blessings. I view the world as a good place. Negative things can happen, but how I look at them can put them in a more positive light.

Happiness is freely available to me. Joy is always possible for me and it’s available whenever I want it. Staying joyful is valuable to me. I choose positive thinking because I feel better about myself and about the world when I stay positive.

Today, I only accept positive thoughts into my life. I deserve happiness and that happiness is abundant when I choose positive thinking.

Questions to Ponder:

  1. How can I stay focused on positive thoughts today?
  2. What can I do to encourage others to stay positive each day?
  3. How can I think more productively when I face challenges?

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