I am not perfect and that’s okay.

I am not perfect, and that's okay.
I am not perfect and that’s okay.

I am not perfect and I do not expect myself to be perfect. We are all under construction and that knowledge requires acceptance that I will make mistakes. I am ok with that.

I have high hopes for my family and friends and I do what I can to help them to develop their talents and dreams. Yet, I do not expect that they will instantly achieve success, I realize that they are works-in-progress, and I delight in each step they take.   I am constantly thrilled and amazed at my circle of influence’s enthusiasm for learning and growth.

I treat myself with the same respect and appreciation. Although it’s true that I am no longer a child, I will always be learning and growing. I do not have unrealistic expectations; instead, I am challenge myself to push further.

Being imperfect gives me an incentive to work harder toward my goals and dreams. In doing so, I stretch out of my comfort zone and I applaud myself for taking risks. I take these risks because I know that any mistakes I make will only make me stronger and wiser. And I know I do not have the make the same mistakes ever again.

I let go of the need to appear perfect to others. Letting go of perfection leads to deeper and more authentic relationships. It also leads me to greater health and less stress.

When I am open to seeing my imperfections for what they are, I can accurately gauge my strengths and weaknesses. In doing so, I am able to develop strategies that focus on my strengths and not my weaknesses.

Things to make you say, hmmmm:

  1. In what areas do you limit yourself with unrealistic expectations?
  2. Do you give yourself permission to be “under construction?”
  3. How do you respond when you make a mistake?

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