I embrace physical changes in my body as I age.

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I embrace physical changes in my body as I age.I embrace physical changes in my body as I age.

The older I get, the more confident I become about the core of who I am. Instead of determining my value by what I see in the mirror, I assess myself by the things stored in my heart and mind.

I embrace the physical changes brought on by age as symbols of wisdom and badges of honor. From the gray in my hair to the wrinkles on my skin, these traits are the outward evidence of the experiences I have lived through and learned from.

Accepting how my body changes over time enables me to age gracefully. Feeling secure in who I am is the most beautiful feature I can ever possess. I reject the temptation to doubt my worth due to my looks.

While it is important to me to maintain my health so that I can enjoy an active life, I keep an open mind and realistic expectations of my physical body in order to stay focused.

In my mind, I speak positively to myself about my body. I refrain from picking my body apart and pointing out every silly flaw out of respect to myself. I am worth more than the imperfections on my body.

I accept that all people age differently; therefore, I refrain from comparing my aging process to that of someone else. I have a clear view about who I am and how time affects me.

Today, I choose to show myself respect in the way I speak about my physical self. I choose to see the beauty in my aging body. My physical self may weaken but my mind remains as sharp as ever.

Questions for Self Reflection:

  1. What do I love about my body?
  2. Why is it important to see the beauty in the aging process and accept it?
  3. How have I become wiser in the past five years?

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