I let go of my insecurities about looks

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I let go of insecurities about looks.  I may have plump thighs, a crooked nose, or big ears, but I also realize that I may be the only one who sees them as “flaws.” I let go of the tendency to focus on these parts of my body because such thoughts make me feel insecure.

My professional and personal goals are no longer inhibited by the way I see myself. I avoid allowing my physical insecurities to control me and I refuse to be bound by my body!

When I am at a job interview, I know the employer is focusing on my resume and whether or not I would be an asset to his company. My physical “flaws” are not his concern, so why should I let them be mine? Fretting over them can only be a detriment to my goal.

Likewise, my physical insecurities can sabotage my love life, if I let them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If my date fails to see my beauty, I will just find a new beholder! There are billions of fish in the sea. Surely, at least a million would love to take me out to dinner!

My looks are captivating. In fact, I get “hit on” several times per week unknowingly. When my doubts cloud my vision from my own beauty, I pull the wool from over my eyes and experience a more joyful life without my insecurities.

Today, I free myself from my insecurities about my looks. I welcome new experiences. From this day forward, I stand tall with my head held high and allow my confidence to take the lead!

Questions for Reflection:

  1. What physical features am I proud of?
  2. Are my friends supportive of me or do they make me feel insecure about my looks?
  3. How can I strengthen my self-esteem?

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