I let go of other opinions of me.

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I let go of other opinions of me.

I let go of other opinions of me. It doesn’t matter what others think.

I enjoy who I am as a person and who I portray to others. I am truly satisfied with who I am and fully accept myself.

The opinion I have of myself is good enough for me; others’ opinions do not really matter because I am secure in who I am.

I let go of my concern over what others may think of me. Worrying about what impression I may make on others is not healthy for me and I let reject the notion that their opinion matters more than mine.

I cannot control others’ thoughts anyway, so I focus on taking control of my own thoughts and actions. I remain true to myself, therefore coming out of every situation with a high opinion of myself, which is what matters.

Other people may think what they want, but they do not know the whole story. They see only a portion of who I am, so they will have a skewed opinion at best. I, however, know my story and value my opinion of me much more.

Today I am focusing my attention on what I think of myself and I am letting go of the urge to worry about others’ opinions. I accept myself and enjoy who I am.

Questions for Self-Reflection:

  1. Are you satisfied with who you are?
  2. Do you worry about what other people may think of you?
  3. Whose opinions do you feel are more important than your own? Why?

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