How to Make All The Right Connections: Sandi Eveleth

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Have you ever wondered how some women make all the right connections? Have you ever wanted to get better at making connections with people and stop simply exchanging business cards that you lose or forget about while they gather dust in the drawer? I’m talking about meaningful connections! It’s so critical to make the right connections when building your business. Today, my fabulous guest, Dr. Sandi Eveleth, shares precisely how she does that, and how you can do it, too.

Why you Need to Be Authentic…

What’s the big deal about, ‘being the real you’? Many people refer to this as being authentic, but no matter what you call it, it’s incredibly important to be true to yourself. Have you ever done something because you thought you should do it? Or because someone else told you to? Or because you were afraid of doing something else? (Was it this week?) We all have! We place expectations on ourselves for numerous reasons, then due to the weight of those expectations, we fear “failing.”

When you stop putting these expectations on yourself, you have the ability to do  and be so much more. Your creativity sky rockets, you become more inspired, and you are able to create good work with ease. As cliche as it sounds, everyone has a purpose and when you find yours, everything just feels right. You have to be able to push that little voice of disbelief out of your head so you can have not only the business, but also the life that you want.

“Work” isn’t what it has been for decades. Working smart doesn’t mean working a 9 to 5 job, Monday through Friday, week after week. Work doesn’t have to look a certain way to be acceptable, despite that confidence assassin that tries to create doubt. Tell her to sit down, grownups are talking. All she wants to tell you is that the way you’re doing things won’t work, or your solid business won’t last, or it’s not right, etc. That little voice is just spewing disbelief all over your goals, but, when you challenge that voice in your head it will be quiet, because it’s not based on anything real. Punch…. You know the rest.

What is the root of that disbelief? Once you figure out that root, you can focus on moving forward to doing what you want to do. Don’t let that confidence assassin continue to keep you from pursuing your purpose and making those great connections.

When you’re going somewhere to make right connections, Dr. Sandi Eveleth recommends going into the situation with a plan: connecting with a potential customer or a potential influencer. When meeting people, keep something in mind that you know will benefit them as well. Go to a meeting knowing who you want to meet, what you can offer them, and try to set up a meeting to really map out how you can mutually benefit each other.

Sandi now has a course called Connect for Success, which gives people the tools to bridge the gap between bridging the gap between people online and bringing it online. You can learn how to make the right connections. Allegrativity Powercast listeners can get access to an exclusive blueprint by clicking the link below to come up with an action plan.

Who is Dr. Sandi Eveleth?

Dr. Sandi Eveleth, is an Optometrist and Web Designer/Internet Marketer. She feels she was always meant to help others. From eye care to business successes online, the most enjoyable part of each of her careers has been when she can educate and improve the lives of others. She finds tremendous joy in hearing someone say “thank you for taking the time to really explain to me/help me/save me, etc…”

When Dr. Eveleth looks back over the past 25 or so years, it’s clear that she has been connecting all the right people through networking offline as well as online. She compares it to “matchmaking for businesses”. She spends time listening to people and learning what they are passionate about and then makes suggestions as to who else might directly or indirectly help them. You can learn more about her great connections and become part of her community on Making All The Right Connections or by listening to her podcast.

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