Meet ‘Em Monday

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Meet 'Em Monday

Updated in July 2018

I am a big fan of actually getting off the computer and meeting people in real life. Computers are fun, but they are ideally suited for connecting us with REAL people. People who you can see, touch, take pictures with and get to know better over some iced tea. I attended a blog conference last year in Charlotte, NC, where I was able to meet some awesome, powerful women who are using their blogs and platforms for telling all sorts of stories.

This year we have committed to getting to know each other on a deeper level by participating in a weekly blog series called, ‘Meet ‘Em Monday’. Catchy, right? This week, it’s my turn! Drumroll please for my answers to the weekly questions.  By participating in this directed-blogging, I hope you will get to meet some of the fabulous women that I met and learn just a little bit more about me.

How long have I been blogging?

I have been blogging off and on since 2007. The URL for my blog has changed a couple times, and I usually have more than one website I’m working on at the same time, but I have been writing online for over 11 years. Wow, time has flown!

Why do I blog?

I blog because I want to increase my circle of influence. And I blog to share the knowledge that you can be who you really are and be successful. The more I blog and the more people I meet, the more my life is transformed. So I blog because I want to return the favor by relentlessly seeking out those who want to hear from me and making myself available. I am really passionate about my message and wake up every day excited to share it.

Who is my current blog crush?

I have a couple blog crushes! I love Susie Moore‘s blog because she is so sassy and she talks about confidence and showing up in the world. (Sound familiar?) And I love No Sidebar. No Sidebar is about minimalism on the surface, but underneath it challenges me to focus on the important stuff and let everything else go.

If I were stuck on a deserted island indefinitely and could only bring three things, which items would I bring and why?

I am assuming that my desert island has excellent wi-fi and electricity (I may be cheating…) so I am bringing my Macbook Pro because it has everything including a microphone, a Kindle app and Skype for calling people; a never-ending supply of lip balm because I don’t want my lips to be crusty when I’m eventually rescued by an Idris Elba look-alike who is currently working as a good samaritan-type pirate; and my Vitamix because on the island I will need to make a lot of frosty cold fruit drinks.

If I was given a $25,000 shopping spree at a store of my choice, which one would I choose?

This was THE most difficult question, but my answer would be That’s a store, right? I think the reason is pretty obvious. If Amazon is not a fair response, I will pick Walmart. The Walmart pick is hysterical because I rarely go there, but I figure they would have the broadest range of stuff for me to buy to delight my friends and family. If I picked the Apple store, many of them would be bitter, even though I could easily spend $25K in that place.

If a movie was made out of my life, what type of film would it be? Which actress would play me?

It would be a slightly cheesy, Lifetime-ish, straight-to-DVD combination of Waiting to Exhale and La Femme Nikita. I love sisterhood,  wisdom and empowerment, but there needs to be some serious butt-kicking and action as well. And let’s just go ahead and book Viola Davis right now to play me.

What is my biggest addiction?

Popcorn! They know me by name at my local popcorn shop and I have a dream of eventually owning a Garrett’s so I can eat there every day for free.

What is my favorite flavor of ice cream?

I’m not much of an ice cream eater, but I have been known to work with Haagen Dazs Caramel Cone.

Which celebrity annoys me the most?

Most of them! Especially those women who embarrass themselves and all of the rest of us with ovaries, by fighting with each other over men who could care less and are clearly not worth their efforts.  I want us to value ourselves more and I fear for young girls watching those shows and thinking that behavior is normal or acceptable or worth losing your soul over for the love of fame and money.

What is my dream job?

I have another tie. Job 1) professional life coach (YEAH I DO THIS NOW!!), Job 2) owning a WNBA team.

What are my three favorite posts on my blog?

Fear. Throat. Punch. (I like this because it’s about silencing fear)

How to stop breaking all the promises you make to yourself this one seems pretty self-explanatory.

The Day I Didn’t Have it In Me (I like this one because of the outpouring of love I received after posting it from the most unlikely sources)

So you got to Meet Me a little more today. How did that taste? Let me know in the comments below and please, have a POWERFUL day!

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  1. Deborah S. Hart-Serafini says:

    Nice to meet you Allegra. I hope to see you again! You are a very confident person, very uplifting! Cheers, Deb (from NC Podcasters)

  2. Jennifer-Mommy Life AFter Ph.D. says:

    AMAZON.COM!! I literally wrote a post asking them to marry me. Too much? I don’t think so! Love your space! #SITScommenting

    1. Hi Jennifer! Too much or not enough?! I’ll let you decide. Thanks for stopping by to enjoy my space. Come back any time. πŸ™‚

  3. I enjoyed your post Allegra, you have a really interesting writing style. I admire that because I write but it’s not so entertaining! Good job πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Anthea, thanks for stopping by! And thanks for the compliment. I tend to write like I talk–sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. LOL

  4. Adriana- Hogar-Mujer says:

    Hi Allegra itΒ΄s nice to meet you! I will love to work on dreaming up names for paint colors too!

    1. Hi Adriana, it’s nice to meet you too! I wonder who makes up the name of those paint colors?

  5. SO TRU! Early in my career I did door-to-door sales, and the impact of the face to face is huge! Very inspiring! <3 #SITSblogging

    1. Hi Brandi, and welcome! I’m taking suggestions. Have you been to any face-to-face networking events that you would recommend?

  6. This is such a great idea! Virtually meeting people is one thing (and I definitely enjoy it, don’t get me wrong), but you’re absolutely right that there is no substitute for getting out into the real world and meeting people face-to-face.

    1. Alexis, isn’t it fun? It was totally not my idea, but I’m diggin’ it. I’m so glad that I made the trip to Charlotte last year. I need to decide where I’m traveling this year. Hopefully somewhere with an ocean nearby. πŸ™‚

  7. Sorry in a little late to the party! I lived this post and getting to know you better! I don’t think we not to talk at bbc char but you seem awesome! Also I LOVE your post titles!

    1. Hi Katie! Thanks so much for the kind words and welcome! I am so excited to meet you and learn more about your blog. Have a powerful week!

  8. I love your desert island answer TWO electronics!! My kinda girl! Loved getting to meet you here and looking forward to seeing more of your posts!

  9. Allegra it is so awesome getting to know you better and I look forward to checking out your favorite posts. I have to say that I laughed out loud (literally) with the description of your rescuer from the deserted island. Plus I loved that you would need lip balm…I agree 100% with that, especially if an Idris Elba-ish good samaritan type pirate was going to rescue me too…LOL! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, Angela! I’m all about being powerful whenever possible and it’s very hard to be (or feel) powerful with dried out lips. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. So lovely to get to know you better! It’s been a hectic week with snow days, but I plan on poking around your blog this week. Your blog fills me with happiness! And I absolutely love your description of your movie. Yes, must have butt kicking!

    1. Hey! Yes, the weather has been challenging even here in the South. Poke away and let me know what you think. Thanks for your kind words. πŸ™‚

  11. Christine at More Than Mommies says:

    Happy to get to know you better this week Allegra! I can’t wait to really dig into your blog this week. You made a great first impression on me at BBC Char–so focused and well spoken. Not sure why I wasn’t following earlier, but now I am! I guess that’s the point of this meet n greet isn’t it??

    1. Why, thank you! I remember you as well! I’m off to check out what you have going on also. Have a powerful week!

  12. It’s so nice to “officially” meet you once again. I know we chatted it up at BBC, but it was fun reading your answers and getting to know you on a deeper level. Suddenly my two years in at my blog seems pretty slight in comparison to seven years. I guess I’ll have to let you know how things are going five years from now.

    And if I ever win $25,000 I’m definitely hitting up That thought never occurred to me as I was coming up with these questions. You ladies are ingenious!

    1. Hi Reese! No need to compare, your 2 years are awesome! I’m glad that you view my answer as ‘ingenious’ and not an attempt to subvert your original intent. LOL

  13. Kim Doyal - The WordPress Chick says:

    Thanks SO much girl! πŸ™‚ And for introducing me to The Revelation Project (because really, who doesn’t need more email? haha… I had to subscribe though, good stuff!).

    And dreaming up names for paint colors?
    LOVE it.
    I think there’s something else there (that you can do here), but I’ll have to let it percolate.

    You are brilliant.
    As always.

    1. Hey, Chick! You are very welcome. I’m delighted to share good people. Percolate away and be sure to tell me what you’re thinking. I’m teachable! Thanks for your kind words.

  14. I loved your desert island answer!! I struggled with that one because of the thought of not having my computer (gasp!)…LOL. The whole celebrity thing is ridiculous. I don’t get why our society worships them the way we do. Who cares what they do? I certainly don’t. But I think I might be in the minority.

    1. Hi Michelle! Thank you! I just refused to consider a situation in which my computer was unavailable to me. Having that would make so many other things unnecessary. And what on earth? When did the line for being considered a celebrity drop so low? Don’t get me started on that!

  15. Allegra – I really enjoyed getting to know you more! Love your sense of humor. If Amazon isn’t a store, than my bank account should have a LOT more money in it! and I totally think the deserted island has power and great wi-fi…don’t all of them?! LOL!
    Glad to get to know a BBC SITSter better.

    1. Hi Nellie! It’s good to meet you as well! If you check out her post, you will love Kim! She is too funny. Take care, A

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