My confidence is growing daily.

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My confidence is growing daily.
I believe that self-confidence is important to everything I do. How I communicate with friends, perform my work and relate with my family members are all affected by my self-assuredness.

Fortunately, I can easily access my confidence: it is inside of me waiting to be expressed and gaining strength each day.

My confidence shows up at times when I need it most.

As I talk with friends, I smile and make eye contact. My self-confidence shows.

At work, when I require a boost to show my leadership what I can do, my self-assuredness emerges.

During a challenging conversation with a loved one, I feel my confidence right there.

It is my confidence that gets me through a disagreement with a sales person or a particularly provocative incident with a significant other. I can count on my self-confidence in practically any situation. I feel it inside me as it flourishes and blooms.

In trying times, I feed my confidence by occasionally taking a personal inventory of my strengths. Knowing my strengths contributes to my confidence and helps it prosper. I am reminded that I can make it through anything.

Today, I plan to review times that my confidence helped me get through some difficult situations. I am thankful for having strong self-confidence that is always there when I need it.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Am I aware of my confidence each day? Do I have an endless source of self-confidence?
  2. Do I make efforts to connect with my self-confidence?
  3. What can I do to increase my confidence?

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