My drive to succeed carries me to the top.

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Person standing at the top of a mountain of achievement

My drive to succeed carries me to the top.

I desire to succeed. I know I can succeed at every endeavor I take on.

I succeed because I am determined to succeed. I notice what is working in my life, and I notice what could be better. Instead of complaining, I make course corrections until I achieve what I want.

I have such a high success rate because I am a good goal setter. I set realistic goals and break them up into small milestones that are achievable within a reasonable amount of time.

This allows me to feel successful even as I complete the small steps on the road to attaining my final goal.

I happily work to take care of myself and my family and maintain a high quality of life. Ultimately, providing a good life for my family is the driving force behind my success. I climb up the ladder, even when I want to stop, for their sake as well as for me.

I study hard and work wisely to achieve financial comfort and personal satisfaction. I am extremely proud of myself for all I have accomplished.

I am wise, intelligent, giddy with happiness, and an all-around success. My drive truly carries me to the top, and more success is yet to come.

Today, I rejoice in my accomplishments. I make myself proud with every milestone I achieve.

Questions for Self-Reflection:

  1. What is my biggest success to date?
  2. Do I surround myself with positive or negative influences?
  3. Have I written my goals down and made a realistic plan to achieve them?

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