My home is a complaint-free environment.

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My home is a complaint-free environment.

My home is a complaint-free environment.

I maintain a complaint-free home environment. My home is a place where gratitude reigns, causing complaints to disappear. I intentionally choose to sprinkle my speech with gratitude each day.

I give thanks in all things so I can keep myself aware of all the things going well in my life. I replace an ungrateful attitude with an attitude of gratitude by focusing on my blessings, rather than focusing on the petty inconveniences of each day.

Some things are bound to go wrong occasionally, but it is up to me to determine how much attention I devote to those things. Instead of magnifying the minuscule, I keep the bigger picture in mind so that I can keep things in perspective.

My family follows my example of expressing thanks in all things, so my home is like a blooming garden of gratitude. The aroma of our speech fills the air like the pleasant smell of fresh flowers.

I thank my children for everything they do – from small tasks to the way they are. I constantly thank my spouse for the work they perform in and out of our home. Following my example, my family sings a chorus of thanks all day long.

The more gratitude I express, the less bothersome the imperfect things in my life appear. I am better able to cope with disappointment when I focus on my blessings.

Today, I choose to fill the air in my home with statements of thankfulness so complaints have no place in my home. I reject a selfish attitude that can never be satisfied and adopt an attitude of humility, truly grateful for even the smallest blessings.

Questions for Self-Reflection:

  1. What can I thank my family for today?
  2. How does gratitude eliminate griping?
  3. How does keeping the big picture in mind help me from complaining?


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  1. Richard Goutal says:

    What home could not benefit from a complaint-free atmosphere, at the very least, a complaint-free zone. For people like me (I don’t know about you) I need something beyond (or before…) affirmations. Something that keeps me on track to even remember to make the affirmation. I was discussing this with 3 friends online yesterday. We brainstormed and thought of- coaching, mastermind group with people focused in same direction, random generated reminders via email or something else, commitment to do related “homework”…. What else? How do you stay on track with this Allegra?

    1. Allegra Sinclair says:

      Hi Richard,
      It’s good to work with like-minded folks, isn’t it? I record affirmations (just using the free GarageBand software on my Mac, there are windows-equivalent versions available freely) and put them on my iPod. That way when I’m getting ready for the day I can hear my voice, filling my head and heart with positive thoughts and focus for the day. I can listen in my bedroom, while brushing my teeth, and of course while in the car during my morning commute. I haven’t listened to the radio in my car in ages, instead of listening to some training or to myself! I love the idea about email reminders. I’m going to noodle on that some more. Are you looking for something that would help create the right attitude, or something that would help you stay on target with important projects/tasks?
      Have a powerful week! Allegra

  2. Another lovely inspirational post Allegra! It’s wonderful that you’ve been so successful at designing such a perfect life for you and your family. Personally, I’m honeslty not sure I’d be happy in such a placid environment … I enjoy the occasional debate and I really don’t mind talking about issues or problems because I think we can learn alot from them, just as long as the focus is on finding solutions.

    1. Allegra Sinclair says:

      Hi Marty,
      You are so good for my ego! I just want to bottle you up. I just want to make a quick note–my life is far from perfect! And I love my family dearly but perfect is not a word I would use to describe us. We are definitely a work in progress. But I’m delighted that we are working on goals together and that they are not the same goals from 6 years ago. We are moving and growing and dealing with new challenges, which is exciting. The affirmation simply reminds me that we can make changes faster if we focus on solutions, rather than just complaining about problems.
      Have a great week, Allegra

  3. Marcus T Cox says:

    The things that you have stated are by far the most important steps to changing your environment. I know that everyone wants to live in a positive house hold, but they just assume that it will just happen. Some do not understand that it starts with them first. I like how you reforce your family with letting them know how great they are. Simple actions like this will cause a positive chain of events in your home. Great post.

    1. Allegra Sinclair says:

      Hi Marcus,
      Thanks for stopping by! I have found very few good things just happen without any effort when it comes to interpersonal communications. It would be wonderful if they did! People and relationships need care and attention. You made a great point about each person being responsible for helping to create the environment they want to be in. I have a friend who always says we get more of what we give attention to, so if we pay attention to things that we like, and let people know that we like them, we should see more of that behavior.
      I hope you have a POWERFUL week! Allegra

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