My inner dialogue is encouraging.

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my inner dialogue is encouraging affirmation

My inner dialogue is encouraging. I continually communicate with myself through my thoughts. I am the most influential voice I hear because I am the only one who knows every detail about my life. Through the power of my thoughts, I build myself up with positive encouragement.

Just as I choose the words I speak to others, I carefully select what I say to myself. Every idea I express to myself is a reflection of my love and self-acceptance. By addressing myself with encouraging words, I cultivate a powerful attitude within.

My constructive self-talk helps me brush aside any negativity aimed at me throughout the day. The voice of self-acceptance, which is constantly building me up inside, serves as a shield from harsh criticism and pessimistic comments.

My goal is to be my number one supporter. I clearly see the talents and gifts inside of me. I focus my attention on my strengths by pointing them out to myself. Keeping my best qualities at the forefront of my thoughts motivates me to rise above challenges.

As a result of my uplifting inner dialogue, it is easy for me to encourage others. I just focus on their pleasant qualities. I refrain from judging others due to lack of self-confidence. Because I believe in myself, I can support others without feeling threatened.

Today, I choose to speak to myself with respect and honor. My self-acceptance and encouraging inner dialogue propel me toward success. Regardless of what I may hear from others, I can always count on myself to be my greatest motivator.

Questions for Self-Reflection:

  1. How does my self-image affect the way I see others?
  2. Why should I speak positively to myself?
  3. What is something positive about myself I can focus on today?

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