My spiritual quest brings me fulfillment.

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My Spiritual Quest Brings me Fulfillment

My spiritual quest brings me fulfillment.

My path in life is clearer when I maintain an inner spiritual connection. Spirituality is a journey that brings incomparable peace to my life and I endeavor to remain on this journey throughout the course of each day.

I take a few moments each morning to close my eyes and do some soul-searching. I am honest with myself and look within to see if the person I want to be is the image I portray.

When I realize I have been untrue to my beliefs, I immediately recommit to them and adjust my whole mindset.

When I engage in spiritual quiet time, I experience a serenity and quiet confidence that allows me to deal with difficult situations in stride.

The spiritual balance I work towards allows me to feel like a complete person. Even if material things or worldly relationships are out of reach at the moment, I feel like I have whatever I need to make me happy.

When others come to me for help with their challenges, I consider their hardships in prayer. I am confident the right answer is what comes to mind for me to share with them.

Today, I rely on my spirituality to guide me through the ups and downs of life. I realize my spirit is a necessary part of my existence, and I like the direction my life takes when I feel that I am whole.

Questions for Self-Reflection:

  1. How often do I connect with God each day?
  2. Do I always remember to go into spiritual consultation when I’m met with a challenge?
  3. Am I stronger when I have spiritual balance?

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  1. Great post Allegra! When I went to Bali three months ago the taxi driver reminded me about meditating daily (in Bali even the taxi drivers are spiritual). Meditation is something that I have been doing fairly consistently for the past 15 years, but recently fell out of practice. I took the taxi drivers advice and within just a few days of meditating again for a few minutes at night I began to feel more peace and starting seeing solutions to some of the challenges that I was facing. Since then I’ve started meditating more frequently again and it’s been well worth my time. Thank you for another reminder dear sister Allegra 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by, you are very welcome! I like taking time right before bed as well as first thing in the morning. You can never take too many vitamins for your mind. Have a powerful day, Allegra

  2. Hope you won’t mind a mere male commenting on your excellent post, Allegra! I agree entirely with your sentiments about starting the day aright, with meditation. This is a topic that a good friend of mine on Facebook – Nikki Bless (“We Go With God”) – and I have been discussing a lot, lately. I have to admit that she has the edge on me, as far as this is concerned, and holds an almost continuous conversation with God as she goes about her daily life. I’m still learning to do this, but I certainly find that quiet spiritual times are essential, as a solid foundation for this. I was slightly intrigued, though, by your ‘Self-Reflection Question’, “Am I stronger when I have spiritual balance?” What balance are you referring to, exactly – balancing your spiritual times with your physical activities; eclecticism; or something else? As someone who admits to very eclectic influences myself (although I come from a very solid Christian background) I’ve been wondering how closely aligned you are with the religious mainstream… would you even consider yourself SBNR, maybe? I hope that’s not too personal a question! 😉

    1. Mere male? That’s good and funny. Just because I’m talking to my sisters that doesn’t mean my brothers can’t participate. 🙂 I think balance is something we define for ourselves. Personally, I think about whether I’m balancing the need to spend time ‘with spirit’ with the need to accomplish ‘practical’ tasks. If I skip prayer time for several days in a row, the smallest obstacles seem much bigger. Does that make sense? Thanks for joining the conversation, Allegra

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