Learn How to Overcome Low Self Esteem

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How can we overcome low self esteem? There are lots of different reasons why our self esteem may suffer. But if we don’t address these issues, low self esteem can damage your confidence and lead to larger issues like anxiety, social withdrawal, depression, and even suicide. Self esteem is rooted in how you feel about yourself compared to confidence which is rooted in what you believe you can accomplish, based on your past results.

There are steps you can take to overcome low self esteem and make sure that you do not internalize issues that are really external to you. You are not the sum of your circumstances and are in control of how you view these events.

The steps for overcoming low self esteem are:

  1. Surrounding yourself with positive people
  2. Focusing on the future, not the past
  3. Setting reasonable expectations
  4. Recognizing your accomplishments
  5. Working toward a greater good
  6. Making a cheat sheet of your best qualities
  7. Getting appropriate support

Did I miss any steps? I realize that there are as many factors which can cause or contribute to low self-esteem as there are people in the world, but the most important factors are those which are impacting YOU. The key is to figure out how to overcome your low self-esteem and start feeling good about yourself again. What do you think? Have you noticed that your low self esteem is damaging your confidence? Let’s chat about it.

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