I Pay Attention to My Feelings

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I pay attention to my feelings.

In an average day, I encounter lots of different people and situations. Even though I share my world with a lot of other people and I am concerned about them, I recognize the importance of being in touch with my own feelings.

I intentionally keep track of my emotions so I can live my best possible life.

My feelings largely determine how my day progresses. When I feel annoyed or disappointed, that covers me like an itchy sweater. When that happens, I may struggle to see the good that surrounds me. Having said that, I take responsibility for my emotions and make a decision to be positive and respectful of others, regardless of the situation.

I stay in tune with my emotions to try and keep my day bright and positive. Noticing how I feel helps me stay positive and approach whatever the day brings with anticipation and gratitude.

I am confident in my ability to successfully manage my own thoughts and feelings.

Recognizing that I control my feelings helps me to understand and utilize the power I have over my life. Regardless of what occurs, I have the strength and skills to rise above any challenges that lay before me by maintaining control over my emotions.

Today, my plan is to tune into my emotions so I am aware of how I feel. I want to ensure that I give my feelings the attention they deserve. I am worthy of whatever time it takes to stay in touch with my emotions.

 Questions for Self-Reflection:

  1. Throughout the day, do I conduct a “feelings check” to stay on track with my emotions?
  2. When does managing my feelings present the biggest challenge to me?
  3. What will I do to protect and successfully manage my emotions?

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