I have the power to change myself

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I have the power to change myself

I have the power to change myself.  I can change my life by transforming myself.

When I decide to change some aspect of my life, I challenge myself to make the change happen. All of the changes in my life are initiated from within. I change because I owe it to myself, not because anybody else thinks I should. I am the author of the change and I own it.

I don’t worry about the future. I know I can control my life by controlling my thoughts and actions.

I am moving forward on my chosen path. It is powerful to know that I can do anything and go anywhere.

Everything I want is available to me and within my reach.

I can overcome my past and create a new future by making personal adjustments.

Whenever I encounter an obstacle, I can find a way around it by making a  change in myself or my behavior.

I have a strong sense of purpose which keeps me focused on finding solutions for all my challenges.

If one change fails to work, I come up with another idea and try that one until I find one that moves me forward to where I want to be.

My ability to change myself and my life is unparalleled. I know it is up to me to make whatever changes I want in my life.

Today, I recognize that I have the power to change myself and change my life. I continue to rise above my previous expectations!

I know I have the power to change my life by changing myself.

Things To Make You Think:

  1. What changes do you want to make in your life?
  2. What can you do to make those changes happen?
  3. How have you successfully changed in the past? How important was the change to you?

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  1. All Talk Entertainment says:

    Amen, Amen, and Amen again. This is awesome. You are awesome. That’s why I’m following you. Slowly I’m making my way thru the SITS community bloggers where I found you. Have an awesome day. Now to #follow #stalk you.

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