The power of a personal mission statement is that it provides a ruler against which you can measure all your other goals and activities. A personal mission statement helps you remember what your life is supposed to be about. The best statement will incorporate multiple aspects of your life including your physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, economic, professional, and social desires. Sometimes we are not sure what our real purpose here is and we use the process of elimination to figure it out out. This statement will help you realize when you have gotten it right.

When you’ve got your mission statement in place, you can base all of your decisions on how well they are aligned with your deepest values. There is tremendous power in that. To craft your own personal constitution, consider the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of my life? What am I here to be and do?
  • What things do I stand for? What are my core values?
  • Which of these values am I NEVER willing to compromise for ANY reason?
  • What kind of person am I when nobody is looking?
  • What do I really want to contribute to the world?
  • Why have I been blessed with this life?
  • Who do I love? How can I prove it on an ongoing basis?
  • How do I want to earn a living? What kind of value do I want to add?
  • How do I intend to increase my personal fulfillment? How can I live my best life consistently?

Your Personal Mission Statement

The answers to these questions can become the pillars in the foundation of your own personal mission statement. In fact, it can be both cathartic and validating to invest time examining your beliefs, values, and strengths. This kind of self-reflection also helps you set goals and know that these goals won’t conflict with who you are as a person. This will enable you to enjoy maximum satisfaction, joy, and effectiveness.

Can I offer a couple of suggestions for your statement? Don’t forget to consider how well you take care of yourself physically. Good health influences good feelings and greater positive personal interactions. Take the time to develop a few strong, meaningful relationships. Don’t forget to read a book every now and then–reading IS fundamental. Continuously feeding your mind will expand your understanding, as well as your opportunities. And give of yourself. This is essential for spiritual fulfillment.

I am working on my own personal mission statement and enthusiastically invite you to develop one of your own. A thoughtfully prepared mission statement will serve as a guide to keep your thoughts and actions in tune with your deepest self. Your decision-making will be purposeful, intentional, and bold.

It is my sincerest wish that you take good care of yourself. Fulfillment, happiness, connection, productivity, creativity, exceptional health, meaningful contribution, and the deepest love are all available to you. I hope you experience all of these wonderful things consistently and often. Your personal mission statement is a great place to begin.

What do you think? Do you have a mission statement? How did you develop it?

I hope you are planning a POWERFUL week!

Allegra Sinclair is a professional coach and confidence expert. She hates to see women living small and loves to help them change how they show up in the world.

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