This is the tale of how spiderman saved my day.

Where have all our superheroes gone? I’m glad to say, they haven’t gone too far away, because Spiderman changed my day! There are a lot of videos making the rounds recently, one of them particularly disturbing because of the domestic violence portrayed.

I know myself well enough to know that these types of stories make me INCREDIBLY sad and the underlying issues live with me well beyond the media arc. In other words, long after the media is chasing a different tragedy, I will still be thinking about how cruel people can be and how mean people suck.

Knowing this, I work hard to remind myself how blessed I am and to keep my energy and focus clear, so that I can continue to fight the battles that are mine. When I was recently getting wound up about something way outside my battlefield, my friend Kim, helped me steer back to the areas where I do have influence by giving me a phrase to use in these situations.

The phrase? ‘Not my circus. Not my monkey.’ Shut up, right?! That is business gold, right there. It may even be platinum. I LOVE that and have been using it a lot since she shared it.

That simple phrase made me laugh hard and helped me get my focus and energy back on my work. Often, I use music, as we have discussed before (Yes, Sara Bareilles, I’m talking about you!) to change my energy, but today I found this video on Facebook and it made me laugh out loud and cry a little.

Check this out, it will only take a minute.

Don’t you LOVE that?! Tell me what you love in the comments, but I love this because of these truths:

  1.  The little boy didn’t stop to think about all the reasons Spiderman should not be in his backyard. He just went with what appeared before him with an open mind and heart and enjoyed it for what it was.
  2. He was excited and hugging Spiderman BEFORE the reveal.

Too often, we want to talk ourselves out of daily miracles and reserve living ‘all out’ until everything is known. Think how differently this video would have played out if the little boy had decided to respond in fear? Had shunned spiderman? Yeah, let’s not do that, because it doesn’t feel or taste good. Instead I am simply basking in the purity of his love and response, and the hope that this small moment gave me at a pretty ‘interesting’ time.

I hope you’re having a powerful day!

Allegra Sinclair is a professional coach and confidence expert. She hates to see women living small and loves to help them change how they show up in the world.

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