The Trick to Turning Compassion and Kindness Inward

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Lee McDonough stops by the podcast to drop some major clarity insights and heaps of encouragement. Her coaching philosophy fuses the principles of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Energy Leadership, and mindfulness in order to help her clients excel at their work, feel in control of their careers, and transform their lives.

In this episode we talked about the challenges people have gaining clarity and then being brave enough to take the steps and move into what they see. Gaining clarity is one thing but if you don’t do anything as as a result, it’s kind of like putting all the ingredients in a cake pan but never putting the pan in the oven. We also dove into how treating ourselves the way we treat others can be magic.

What does clarity do for people? Clarity influences what we do and how we show up in the world. Lee believes that without clarity we feel directionless, untethered, and unmoored. It’s important to know just the WHO you are, but WHY you are on the earth.

Topics discussed:

  • Do women struggle with clarity more than men? Is this changing?
  • Why is it hard to get clarity? And once we get clarity, why is it hard to keep it?
  • It’s not enough to focus on the what and how, you need the deeper sense of purpose
  • How important it is for women to step into their power and act as if they belong in the world
  • How to start bridging the gap between your masculine and feminine tendencies
  • Whether or not we need permission to use our emotions and intuition in business
  • How we give ourselves permission
  • The top 2 things that keep us from moving from knowledge to action
  • Lee’s tricks for stimulating her confidence when she feels insecure
  • Why you may want to start ‘Thanking Your Mind’

More on Lee McDonough:

Lee McDonough of Caravel CoachingLee Chaix McDonough is a coach, therapist, and founder of Caravel Coaching. After over a decade as a clinical social worker and public health professional, Lee entered the coaching field to help creatives and creative entrepreneurs create lives they love.

Lee is a proud alumna of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she received her Bachelor of Arts, Master of Social Work, and Master of Science in Public Health degrees. Prior to starting her own business, she worked in a variety of professional settings, including hospitals, local governments, non-profit organizations, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and as a civilian for the United States Air Force.

Lee is a graduate of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, and is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and the International Coach Federation. She holds the ICF Associate Certified Coach credential and is also an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner.


Discontent is contagious, check your circle. You may not be unhappy, but the people around you are infecting you. Click to Tweet Gaining clarity is one thing but if you don’t do anything with it it's kind of like putting all the ingredients in a cake pan but never putting the pan in the oven. Click to Tweet Your mind is a powerful, meaning-making machine. Don't fight it, work with it. ~ Lee McDonough Click to Tweet Writing out your insecurities is powerful. Why leave the ugliness inside your mind? ~ Lee McDonough Click to Tweet You have more than a right to share your gifts with the world. Withholding them isn’t good for anyone. - Lee McDonough Click to Tweet

Episode Links:

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