When one door closes, I push another open.

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An open door symbolizes a new opportunity

When one door closes, I push another open.

I am aware of what I want out of life and I always find a way to attain my objective. I work hard and deserve to be given the chance to perform at my fullest potential. So when a challenge tries to stop me, I seek solutions to overcome it and continue moving forward.

In my career, my employer knows that I am truly an asset to the company because I perform at a high level of expertise. I patiently plow through stressful work-related situations. These attributes ensure that I always have multiple opportunities for growth and success. When one door closes, I can easily take another option and open another door.

In my relationship, I am secure, content, and thankful for the partner that is just right for me. I strongly believe that my relationship is worth nurturing and pouring my heart into for the long haul. Love is one door I choose to leave wide open.

I make choices that support the healthy, happy lifestyle I deserve. These choices help keep the doors to happiness ajar. I am in control of my own happiness. It feels empowering to know that I am the self-sufficient person that I have always aspired to be.

Today, I treasure all opportunities that are placed in my path. I deserve success and happiness and I am strong enough to open any doors needed to reach the top!

Questions for Self-Reflection:

  1. Am I fully satisfied with my career or am I simply satisfied with the money?
  2. What strengths and talents do I possess?
  3. How can my strengths and talents open more doors for me?

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