Even when times are tough, I know I can make it

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when times are tough

Even when times are tough, I know I can make it.

I realize life has ups and downs. When things are wonderful and everything goes smoothly, I am pleased. I enjoy those experiences as much as I can. Yet, I also recognize that challenging times happen.

When life makes a turn and I see myself approaching a trying situation, I know I am going to make my way through it. My self-confidence pushes me forward. I believe I can do whatever life requires. I can weather any storm.

I work to re-shape challenging events as minor events. I might say, “Here’s a bump in the road; I can tolerate it” or “This is my next mountain; I can climb it.” I remind myself about the unknown obstacles that life brings.

The dichotomy of living is that in order to truly connect with and experience the high and momentous times, I must be successful in navigating my way through the challenging circumstances and situations that appear before me. In essence, moving through the lows enables me to truly feel the highs.

I understand the incredible necessity of both types of experiences. It is for this reason and others that I am sure that even when times are tough, I can make it.

Today, I feel secure in the knowledge that I can handle any situation that life presents. I am optimistic about managing the tough times in life as they come along.

Questions for Self Reflection:

  1. Do I truly feel that I can make it through the challenging times?
  2. If I have doubts about managing challenging situations, what are those doubts? Why is my confidence wavering in these situations?
  3. What can I do to increase my confidence and convince myself that I can make it through anything in life?

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    1. Hi Michelle! I agree with you. Why does that comfort zone looks so deceptively attractive? I really feel that stepping out of the ‘easy’ feels better. Staying stuck hurts. Thanks for stopping by.

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