Wonderful things are happening in my life

Wonderful things are happening in my life.

I am grateful for all the wonderful things that happen in my life on a daily basis. Amazing events and small miracles are taking place around me all the time. I will miss them if I don’t take the time to notice.

In the past, I sometimes failed to recognize all the great aspects of my life, but I am learning to recognize them now. My eyes are open and I see the beauty all around me. I have so much to be grateful for. My life is a gift.

Many of life’s greatest gifts are small and subtle. This can be challenging if I don’t want to miss them. My senses are becoming more attuned to the great things that are happening in my life and the world.

When I notice these wonders, my life is changed for the better. Focusing on the good things that happen helps reduce the impact of the more challenging times. When I concentrate on the good, I can easily boost my mood. A positive attitude makes it easier to overcome life’s challenges.

Incredible things are happening in my life each day. It is remarkable to see how many wonderful experiences I am exposed to.

Today, I am renewing my focus on the wonderful aspects of my life. New events and experiences are taking place each day. I need to be open to seeing and taking advantage of them.

Questions to make you say hmmm:

  1. What are some of the positive aspects of my life?
  2. How can I remind myself that there are many wonderful things that I am failing to notice?
  3. In what ways would my life change if I chose to focus my energy on noticing all the gifts around me?

Allegra Sinclair is a professional coach and confidence expert. She hates to see women living small and loves to help them change how they show up in the world.

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