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You Have to Feel Confident to Be Powerful…

If you don't feel confident, that will impact how powerful you are at work and at play. Appearing self-confident can help you feel more confident.

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As long as I can remember I have been a champion for women, helping them discover the hidden truths about themselves. Even when I had job that didn’t have a focus on personal development, I always found a way to add that into my work life. My heart breaks when I meet women who I think are fabulous and they have no idea. I just want to grab them and shout, ‘Don’t you have a mirror? Why hasn’t anybody told you who you really are?!” I don’t do that because I don’t think I would look good in prison orange, but I do try to be that ‘mirror’ for the women I meet because they have a right to know...

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Allegrativity Powercast

The Allegrativity Powercast provides laughter and inspiration to help you become more powerful. Each episode offers tips for increasing self confidence, clarifying your purpose, and building your platform so you can tell your story. Punch Fear in the Throat and Dare to Be Yourself!

Empowering and Inspiring Women to Be Amazing!!

“Allegra is a champion for women everywhere to step into their wholeness and their "awesome". She is on a mission to reach the depths of the modern woman and help her rise up to be the best version of herself! Listen in, ladies!” – Lisa Landtroop

Love it!!

“Allegra is the real deal… truly. This is definitely worth your time- and I can guarantee you’ll want to come back for more. ;-)” – The WordPress Chick

Well worth your time!

“There are so many things competing for our time these days, how do we choose which one to focus on? Allegra's podcast is one of the things I make time for because she is upbeat, fun and original. She energizes and empowers me!” – LiterateParakeet


“I just stumbled on Allegra’s podcast and I am in love. I am quickly devouring all of the episodes. The messages are great and leave you feeling inspired and ready to punch fear in the throat!” – SaraGreenlaw

Storyteller Extraordinaire

“I thoroughly enjoyed the story in connection to a key element of finding your path! Allegra takes everyday experiences and weaves them into finding, executing, and being the you that you are here to be. Exceptional! Thank you, Allegra!” – TheUN-Learningcenter