Are you lost trying to tell your story?
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The weekly podcast that helps you Punch Fear in the Throat

The Allegrativity Powercast provides actionable tips and motivation to help you become more powerful. Allegra Sinclair offers tips for increasing self confidence, clarifying your purpose, and building your platform so you can tell your story. Punch Fear in the Throat and Dare to Be Yourself!

The Allegrativity Powercast

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In this week's podcast, Coach Jennie lights up the Powercast with her unique energy and an invitation to be audacious[...]
030: How to tell if you're a Martyr, a Missionary, or Meaningless
Nicole Dean's theory is that we have 3 areas of our lives and if we get out of balance and[...]
012: How a Red Bra can Change Your Life
OK, Ladies. Can we talk?! We have already talked about the fact that we can be your own best cheerleader[...]

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